5 Simple Coffee Hacks That Will Make You Better Than a Barista

Who needs a coffee shop anyway?
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If you're anything like us, you know the importance of coffee in your morning routine. We can't remember the last time we didn't get a little kick-start to our morning, so we were a little shocked when we found coffee hacks we didn't already know! These five awesome coffee hacks from CME Network are great for all caffeine aficionados to learn. Check them out below:

1. Top with Foam

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We bet you never considered adding milk foam to your coffee at home. It seems like a luxury only available to baristas and homes with fancy cappuccino machines. But, with this hack, you can make your own with just a jar of milk and a microwave!

2. Just a Pinch

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If you've ever put salt on dark chocolate or watermelon slices, you know just the right amount can intensify the sweetness factor of your favorite snacks and drinks. The salt actually cancels out the bitter taste! Just a pinch of salt is all you need for coffee that is too strong for your liking.

3. Stay Strong

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We think every season is iced coffee season, which is why we love this hack. Instead of cooling down your cup of joe with regular ice cubes, opt for frozen coffee cubes! The switch won't water down your coffee like ice cubes would.

4. Joe-to-Go

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This is a great hack, especially if the coffee machine at work looks like it's decades old. Make ready-to-go coffee bags by scooping ground coffee in a coffee filter and tying it up. Put your DIY pouch in a cup of hot water and brew just as you would a cup of tea!

5. Get Fancy With a Cocoa Design

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If you have a bit of extra time in the morning, why not dress up your coffee with a dash of cocoa? Cut out a stencil on a stiff sheet of paper and lay it on top of your mug. Then, carefully sift cocoa powder over the design for a personalized drink that looks like it came straight from a crafty barista.

To learn even more about these hacks, check out the video from CME here.


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