10 Surprising Things to Do with Coffee

Coffee makes the world go 'round -- but it doesn't have to be limited to a drink! Go way beyond the coffee mug and opt for one of these coffee-infused dishes. Whether you like coffee with bold flavor or mild undertones, everyone could use a little java in their day.

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    Coffee, Reconsidered

    Be your own barista with a collection of caffeinated ways to perk up your whole day. Your morning cup of Joe is only part of the story.

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    #1: Add to Saucy Sandwiches

    This sandwich is made memorable by a strong cup of joe. Simmering the coffee with ketchup and Worcestershire sauce adds a unique kick to the beef-and-cheese ensemble. Hollow out your bread for a makeshift bowl so you won't miss a single drop of this worth-the-mess meal. 

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    #2: Energize a Smoothie

    Your blender will be brimming with nutrient-packed fruits and veggies, but all you'll taste is a sweet, chocolaty smoothie laced with delightful hints of almond and coffee. This energizing drink is good for grabbing on the go.

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    #3: Pour over Cabbage

    Here's a healthy side dish that just might steal the show. The scrumptious recipe utilizes bold coffee, salty bacon, and sugary molasses. Mmmm ... maybe you can skip the main dish.

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    #4: Caffeinate a Roast

    Coffee is just one flavor in this bounty of beef, vegetables, and seasonings. The slow-cooked aroma will compete with your coffeepot for your favorite kitchen smell.

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    #5: Spike Syrup

    OK, we cheated just a little here: The java in this recipe isn't the drip from your brewer; it's a splash from your liquor cabinet. Coffee liqueur-infused syrup adds bitter undertones that balance this rich brunch option.

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    #6: Braise Pot Roast

    This isn't your average pot roast recipe. Switch out regular potatoes for sweet potatoes, and add 1 tablespoon of instant espresso to the broth to make a pot roast your family won't soon forget.

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    #7: Poach Pears

    Try a perfectly sweet pear as an indulgent side dish or dessert. A cup of coffee, sprinkle of cocoa, and splash of coconut milk make these juicy pears light yet sumptuous. Add to the affair with flecks of toasted coconut or grated chocolate.

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    #8: Knead into Burgers

    Between bold coffee, hints of horseradish, and hot pepper sauce, this burger packs punches while retaining a sophisticated taste. Still not sold? Crisp pickle slices and fried shallots add oh-so-satisfying crunch.

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    #9: Marinate Steak

    Hearty slices of steak love to soak up a rich cup of coffee. Complement the bitter coffee flavor with fresh corn relish and cilantro for a wholesome, flavorful meal.

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    #10: Sprinkle over Snacks

    Indulge in a caramel-chocolate mix with a coffee kick. A sprinkle of instant espresso coffee powder might not do much to wake you up, but what it lacks in caffeine it makes up in rich flavor.

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    Bonus Recipe: Add Grounds to Jamaican Jerk

    It's hard to compete with the herbs and spices that make up Jamaican jerk seasoning, but 2 teaspoons of ground coffee make a fine effort. Adding robust coffee gives depth of flavor without detracting from the tropical heat.

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