This is the Best Way to Mix Alcohol and Hot Chocolate

This puts a grown-up spin on a childhood favorite.
War and Cheese

Who says hot chocolate is just for kids? As the chill in the air gets chillier you need some serious comfort to warm you up from the inside out! Well, we couldn't think of better way to warm up than with these five insanely delicious boozy hot chocolate drinks. Brace yourselves, though, chocolate and booze almost seem too good a pair to be true. And some of these recipes may surprise, delight, and elevate you to another level this winter season. So, grab your favorite melting chocolate, your favorite liquor, and let's get going! We definitely recommend these for the holidays when you're ready to kick the party up a notch! But we're not responsible for what happens after. So, check out these five decadent drinks right now:

1. Oaxaca Chaka: Spicy and Smoky Mexican Hot Chocolate Tequila Cocktail

Cooking District

Gone are the summer days of bottomless margaritas! But not to fret — we have an equally delicious winter placeholder: Behold the Oaxaca Chaka! This fiery drink blends smoky tequila, spicy Mexican dark chocolate, and a whole lot of devilish trouble! What's best? It can be pre-batched for big parties in a crock pot and spread around to up the merriment factor at any holiday party. Garnish with whip cream and cinnamon for an extra kick!

Get the full recipe from Cooking District.

2. This Chocolate Mint Hot Toddy is... Hot

Hampton Roads Happy Hour

We love a good hot toddy to warm us up on a cold winter night. But we've found a recipe to kick our hot toddies up a major notch. Melding together melted mint chocolate and boozy decadence, this hot chocolate mint hot toddy has all of our favorite flavors in one. Plus, it's super simple to make with only three ingredients — hot chocolate, Kahlua, and peppermint schnapps. You decide how to portion it out. We won't tell. Serve up in a mug with some marshmallows, sit back, relax and sip (or slurp) away!

Get the full recipe from Hampton Roads Happy Hour.

3. Bacon Bourbon Nutella Hot Chocolate. You Heard That Right.

Wide Open Spaces

Excuse me. Come again? No, you heard us right the first time. Hello, bacon, and bourbon, and Nutella, and chocolate. Oh, my! Combining every single one of our favorite sweet and salty cravings, this insanely decadent hot chocolate recipe may only be allowed on the menu once a year. Warning: This cocktail may sink you into another realm of delirium and deliciousness.

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4. #Adulting: The Ultimate Adult Hot Chocolate

How Sweet Eats

What makes this hot chocolate recipe so adult? We think it's due to the Bailey's-infused homemade marshmallows. Simply combine hot chocolate with marshmallow vodka (it's a thing) and make your very own Bailey's marshmallows. Add your favorite childhood nostalgic toppings — whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and of course, marshmallows. Now you have yourself the ultimate adult winter beverage. Just don't drink more than... well, we'll leave that up to you!

Get the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

5. Romance Up Your Winter With Red Wine.... and Chocolate!

War and Cheese

We're ending our list on a sweet and simple note with red wine hot chocolate. We can't think of a better comfort drink at the end of a long, wintry day. Not to mention the romance factor. Grab your favorite bottle of red wine, melt your preferred brand of chocolate, add some cinnamon and YUM you have yourself quite the sexy and comforting drink. TIP: Draw a bubble bath in tandem and sip away. Because life is really all about the little luxuries.

Get the recipe from War and Cheese.


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