Cheers for Beers!

It wouldn't be a grill-fest without suds.

glass of beer
Colors range from pale lagers to dark stouts.

With hundreds of lagers, ales, and stouts available, you'll find plenty of options to serve thirsty guests. But remember: Always drink responsibly, and never drink if you're planning to drive.

Stout. Stouts (and porters) are the darkest, richest brews. The barley is deeply roasted, bringing a complexity of tastes ranging from cocoa to coffee. Serve at about 55 degrees F.

Bock. Bock beers -- once available only in the springtime season -- are sweet and toasty, with a rich mahogany color. Pair them with full-flavored foods, such as barbecue or spicy fare, and serve cold.

Red Lager. The brisk flavor of hops is the center of attraction in red beers. The sharp but short-lived astringency adds a distinctive bite across a wide temperature range, from very cold to cool.

Wheat Ale. Wheat ales are based on centuries-old recipes. They boast a strong, yeasty flavor with hints of fruit, straw, and citrus. Serve them well chilled, with lightly seasoned dishes.

Pale Lager. Whether crisp American-style lagers or bold European lagers are your preference, these most popular brews are prized for their bright and crisp qualities. Serve at temperatures between about 42 degrees F and 48 degrees F.


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