The 6 Best Beer Drink Recipes to Kick Off Happy Hour

Razzy Lager
Photo: Kritsada Panichgul

It's hard to deny the buzz around beer cocktail recipes. There's nothing quite like sitting down with an ice-cold brew, whether it's a dark stout or a light wheat beer. These drinks made with beer take the beloved beverage to the next level via stout shakes, beer Bloody Marys, homemade shandy cocktails, and more. And if classic ales aren't your top choice, we've got ginger beer cocktail ideas too.

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Ginger Beer Shandy Floats

Ginger Beer Shandy Floats
Jessica Merchant

Type of Beer: Ginger beer, plus a wheat beer, such as Oberon Ale

Keep that ginger beer handy from making Moscow Mules (or Moscow Mule Cupcakes!) to put to use in this unique ginger beer drink. Combine 5 cups of wheat beer with 4 cups of ginger beer, then accent that ginger with crystallized ginger bits. Finish with lemon slices and vanilla ice cream or, to really amp up the citrus flavors, we bet lemon sorbet or gelato would taste incredible too!

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Spicy Beer Mary

Spicy Beer Mary Cocktails
Kritsada Panichgul

Type of Beer: Lager or pilsner beer, such as Stella Artois

If you're a big Bloody Mary fan, our beer-spiked take on the classic cocktail is just your style. Instead of turning to vodka to make this spicy cocktail more spirited, we've added beer for a tasty new twist. Worcestershire sauce, hot pepper sauce, and horseradish crank up the heat in this beer mixed drink recipe.

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Cider Moscow Mule

Cider Moscow Mule
Brie Passano

Type of Beer: Ginger beer

Moscow Mules are one of the most popular ginger beer cocktails for good reasons: They taste incredible and are a breeze to whip up! Simply combine ginger beer, vodka, and lime juice. Come fall—or anytime, really—take it to the next fruity level by stirring in a glug (that's a precise measurement, right?) of apple cider.

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The Porcupine

Porcupine drink
Andy Lyons

Type of Beer: Pale ale, such as Sierra Nevada

Sweet-tart pineapple juice transforms pale ale and Prosecco for an irresistible beer mixed drink recipe. So what's the deal with the name? This golden pitcher cocktail earns its animal-inspired moniker from the spikes on the garnishes of wedges of pineapple and sprigs of fresh rosemary.

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Dandy Shandy

Dandy Shandy
Blaine Moats

Type of Beer: Dark stout, such as Guinness

Celebrate all things British with a cocktail made with ginger beer that features rich stout to balance out the gingery zing. Not only does this beer drink require just two ingredients, but it also is a cinch to make. Just pour and drink—and, if desired, pair with fish and chips to complement the UK cocktail.

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The Aloha Shandy

Aloha Shandy
Andy Lyons

Type of Beer: Wheat beer, such as Blue Moon

Say hello to a refreshing beach-inspired twist on a shandy cocktail! Instead of sticking to just lemonade and beer, we added passion fruit juice for a taste of the tropics. Each batch serves 14, so this beer cocktail is ideal for all-afternoon entertaining or larger get-togethers.

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