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Suds 'n' Cola Coolers
It's hard to deny the buzz around beer cocktails. There's nothing quite like sitting down with an ice-cold brew, whether it's a dark stout or a light wheat beer. Our beer drinks take everyone's favorite beverage to the next level, including stout shakes, beer Bloody Marys, and homemade shandies. Try one of our drinks with beer at your next barbecue, potluck, or tailgate.

Black Patent

Type of Beer: Dry stout, such as Guinness


Stout-lovers, unite! Chocolate vodka and dark stout play off each other in this delicious beer drink. The vodka is shaken with simple syrup and lemon juice to even out the beer's dark, nutty flavors.

Spicy Beer Mary

Type of Beer: Lager or pilsner beer, such as Stella Artois


If you're a big Bloody Mary fan, our beer-spiked take on the classic drink is just your style. Instead of turning to vodka to make this spicy cocktail, we've added beer for a tasty new twist.

Ginger Beer Shandy

Type of Beer: Lager or pilsner beer, such as Heineken


For a tasty beer drink that everyone will love, spice things up with a lager-based sipper. Ginger ale adds bubbly sweetness to the beer, while lemon juice keeps things bright and fresh.

Razzy Lager

Type of Beer: Dark lager beer, such as Heineken Dark Lager


A hint of sophistication hides in every sip of our razzy lager. Fresh raspberries, Chambord raspberry liqueur, and dark lager beer combine for a drink that beer-lovers and cocktail aficionados alike will fall for.

The Porcupine

Type of Beer: Pale ale, such as Sierra Nevada


Sweet-tart pineapple juice transforms pale ale and Prosecco for an irresistible summer drink recipe. Add wedges of pineapple and fresh rosemary to each glass to finish off the beer cocktail.

Guinness Float

Type of Beer: Guinness


Satisfy your ice cream float craving with an adults-only beverage that will make you feel like a kid again. Vanilla ice cream, Guinness stout, and Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur make up this dessert-worthy beer cocktail.

The Aloha Shandy

Type of Beer: Wheat beer, such as Blue Moon


Try a twist on your next shandy! Instead of sticking to just lemonade and beer, we added passion fruit juice for a taste of the tropics.

Dandy Shandy

Type of Beer: Dark stout, such as Guinness


Celebrate all things British with a cocktail that combines rich stout with refreshing ginger beer. Not only does this beer drink require just two ingredients, but it also is a cinch to make. Just pour and drink!


Type of Beer: Mexican beer, such as Corona


Mexican cerveza preparadas are traditionally beer drinks made with tomato juice, hot sauce, or salsa. Our version combines lime juice, chipotle pepper sauce, and cayenne pepper with the classic ingredients for an extra kick of flavor.

Bloody Mary Beer

Type of Beer: any


Serve up this brunch-favorite drink recipe at your next get-together. It lets you add your favorite type of beer to the mix, but if you'd rather go the mocktail route, nonalcoholic beer works just as well.


Chocolate Stout Shake

Type of Beer: Chocolate or regular stout, such as Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout


It's dessert in a glass! You may love ice cream without the alcohol, but we prefer adding chocolate stout to our vanilla and fudge ice cream.

Suds 'n' Cola Coolers

Type of Beer: Wheat beer, such as hefeweizen


This beer drink was made for summer barbecues with its perfect mix of canned cola, bottles of wheat beer, and wedges of fresh fruit. Whether you're tailgating, at a picnic, or just enjoying the summer sun, you'll love how easy (and portable) it is.

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