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When guests come calling, offer something more than a can of this or a bottle of that with these any-occasion drink recipes. From morning coffee to a sophisticated nighttime drink, you'll find we have something for every beverage need. Start your day with the perfect cuppa Joe with our coffee primer to guide you in choosing beans, selecting the best grind, and brewing with the precise bean-to-water ratio. From there, move on to more coffeehouse-style drinks, iced coffees, and spiced teas. You'll find plenty of family-friendly drink recipes for smoothies, lemonades, and new ways with hot chocolate, too. If you plan to entertain, check out our advice for stocking your bar, and get the best drink recipes for classic party cocktails, plus tips for menu planning. And don't forget to utilize your slow cooker for parties to serve up our cozy slow cooker drinks.

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Pot o' Gold Chocolate Guinness Cupcakes

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When it comes to St. Patrick's Day cupcakes we instantly think of Guinness cupcakes. The Irish beer is a perfect addition to dessert. This cupcake idea comes with a festive surprise inside to wow anyone who takes a bite.

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