Yes, It's OK to Love Ranch as a Grown-Up

Ranch dressing isn't just for kids! Ranch can be enjoyed by adults, too, and is much more versitile than you might think. Ranch can be the perfect addition to appetizers, side dishes, and even main courses. It's not just for children, and it's not just for dipping. It's OK to love ranch as an adult -- it really is! So stock up on the ranch seasoning and sauce, and get in the kitchen to cook today.

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    Greek Yogurt Ranch Salmon

    Who knew you could be healthy while indulging on ranch? You certainly can with this Greek Yogurt Ranch Salmon from The Cookie Rookie. Get the recipe here.

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    Ranch Chicken Fajita Bowls

    Another easy way to be healthy while chowing down on the ranch we all love is with these Ranch Chicken Fajita Bowls. Both beautiful and good for you and your family -- kids and adults rejoice! Get the awesome recipe from Diethood here.

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    Ranch Fried Pickles

    Not all ranch recipes are healthy, and that's OK. Enjoy these Ranch Fried Pickles with a cup of ice-cold beer. Being an adult is awesome! Find the recipe here.

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    Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches with Ranch Fried Pickles

    Pile those Ranch Fried Pickles high on these Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches. And don't forget the extra ranch. Get the recipe from The Cookie Rookie here.

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    Ranch BLT Pull-Apart Bread

    This Ranch BLT Pull-Apart Bread is the stuff foodie dreams are made of. Get the ridiculously addictive recipe from Wine and Glue here.

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    Cheddar Bacon Ranch Tailgate Fries

    Don't forget the Cheddar Bacon Ranch Tailgate Fries. I told you being an adult is awesome! Get the recipe from Life's Ambrosia here.

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    Garlic Ranch Slow Cooker Potatoes

    These Garlic Ranch Slow Cooker Potatoes will give you your ranch fix without using all your Weight Watchers points. Get the recipe from The Cookie Rookie here.

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    Baked Zucchini Fries with Homemade Ranch

    If it's ranch dipping sauce you crave, you can make your own! Dip these Baked Zucchini Fries in homemade ranch for an extra delicious and healthy treat. Get the recipe from Yummy Healthy Easy here.

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    Easy Ranch Pretzels

    If it's a quick ranch fix you need, these Easy Ranch Pretzels from Yummy Healthy Easy are the perfect thing. Sophisticated and totally snackable. Delicious! Get the recipe here.

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    Crispy Ranch Chicken Strips

    What goes better with ranch than chicken strips? This brilliant recipe uses ranch seasoning in the breading and features a secret way of faux frying to make chicken strips better for you. Sign me up. Get the recipe from Ari's Menu here.

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