Sunday-Worthy Weeknight Meals Prepped in 20 Minutes or Less!

Capture the magic goodness of Sunday dinners any night of the week with simple recipes that are on the table in 20 minutes but taste like they took all day to cook.

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    Chili-Orange Short Ribs

    Just 20 minutes of morning prep is all it takes to come home to table-ready short ribs dripping with and unforgettable orange, sherry, and ginger sauce with a hint of chile pepper zip. For a hearty dinner upgrade, whip up instant mashed potatoes to serve alongside.

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    Potato Topped Beef Bowl

    We've sped up the prep time for this easy take on shepherd's pie with a little help from instant mashed potato flakes and frozen vegetables. In just 20 minutes, you'll have a hearty meal that checks every Sunday dinner box.

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    Breaded Pork with Cabbage and Kale

    Try breading thinly pounded pork loin with corn bread stuffing for a crispy-delicious dinner slam dunk. A zippy sauteed balsamic cabbage-kale slaw shines in this healthy Sunday dinner option.

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    20-Minute Gnocchi, Sweet Corn, and Arugula in Cream Sauce

    Twenty-minute gnocchi? Yes, it's possible! Cook fresh (or frozen) corn along with the gnocchi to save time. Meanwhile, a simple cream sauce packs irresistible flavor into this simple Sunday dinner-worthy pick.

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    Apple-Pecan Pork Chops

    An easy meal that's fresh, sweet, and savory? Count us in! With its easy brown sugar and pecan topping, you'd never guess this quick pork chop dinner comes in at a healthy 400 calories.

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    Turkey Steaks with Spinach, Pears, and Blue Cheese

    Sage-rubbed turkey tenderloins pair perfectly with sauteed spinach and buttery, browned pears. Give this healthy Sunday dinner-inspired idea a kick in the pants with a generous sprinkling of blue cheese.

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    Pork and Potatoes with Tomato Relish

    Nothing says hearty dinner like meat and potatoes. Red wine vinaigrette adds a touch of zip to tomatoes and red onions served atop juicy pork chops and paired with instant or refrigerated mashed potatoes.

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    Garlic-Lime Pork with Farro and Kale

    Tuck into a satisfying dinner option that's fresh, hearty, and healthy, too. The surprising pairing of peanut butter, honey, and lime come together for an awesome sauce (yeah, we said it) that lightly coats nutty farro and earthy kale for a perfect complement to garlic-tinged pork medallions.

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    Quick and Delicious Comfort Food: Easy Shepherd's Pie

    Frozen veggies and canned soup help speed up prep for this satisfying shepherd's pie recipe. Swap in instant potatoes to keep it even more budget-friendly.

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    Veggie Fish Chowder

    It's hard to find a more satisfying meal than this thick, savory mashed-potato topped chowder recipe. The secret to its flavor? Broth gives herbed instant mashed potatoes a savory punch that goes swimmingly with flaky white fish and bright veggies.

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    Beef-and-Blue Pizza

    Thanks to premade pizza crust, you can throw together this easy pizza dinner in minutes. Sunday dinner favorite roast beef stands out alongside sweet peppers and blue cheese in your new favorite topping combo.

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    Apricot Pork with Garlic Green Beans

    Get a healthy, quick dinner on the table in no time. Honey-garlic sauteed apricots transform simple pork chops and ordinary green into a saucy, satisfying dinner combo that's sure to make its way into your regular dinner routine.

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    Salmon-Potato Cakes

    Mashed potatoes are the secret to the creamy texture and hearty goodness of this quick fresh dill-studded salmon cakes recipe. Tangy honey-Dijon dressing and fresh greens complete this 20-minute dinner favorite.

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    How to Make Meatballs

    Zesty, adobo-spiked meatballs aren't just for party appetizers. While saucy meatballs cook for 20 minutes, whip up instant potatoes and a quick side salad to turn them into a satisfying family meal.

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