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Why do we love curry? Let us count the ways: It's a sweet-heat blend of many spices, including turmeric (which gives curry its characteristic yellow tint), cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek, cumin, nutmeg, chiles, and coriander; it adds depth to chicken dishes, vegetable soups, and even snack mixes; and its heat is a subtle, slow burn that lets food shine. Read on for some of our favorite recipes with curry powder. Kitchen tip: Curry powder loses its pungency quickly and should be stored no longer than 2 months.

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    Curried Chicken

    Robust curry is a perfect match for boneless chicken thighs. Add chewy raisins and aromatic garlic for a dinner that hits all the right notes.

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    Curried Squash Muffins

    Savory muffins with a butternut squash base and a great curry powder boost make the morning breakfast decision easy -- and less than 150 calories.

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    Curried Vegetable Soup

    A bold, curry-enhanced coconut milk broth provides the base of this 20-minute vegetarian comfort food soup.

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    Indian-Style Lamb Curry

    Lamb has a strong flavor that can stand up to curry, and this Indian-inspired recipe matches the two with a pile of veggies and hot cooked rice. 

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    Spicy Curry-Ginger Dip

    Cut curry with honey, mix with sour cream, and you're halfway to a 15-minute dip that goes great with veggies. The kids may shy away from the forward flavors in this mix (there's grated gingerroot, too), but one bite of this savory dipper will have you coming back for seconds.

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    Baked Shrimp Curry

    Shrimp is a protein that plays nicely with curry. It soaks up the curry-based broth in this soup, aided by paprika and ground nutmeg. The balanced sweet-savory spoonful preps in just 30 minutes.

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    Ginger Curry Chicken with Lentils and Leeks

    The second step of this recipe is to rub chicken with 1 tablespoon of curry powder. The result is spicy, rich chicken that only improves with the addition of ginger, leeks, and orange wedges and some time in a Dutch oven. Another tablespoon of curry flavors the broth.

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    Curried Snack Mix

    Though curry often perks up dinner, a sprinkling of curry powder packs a punch in a trail mix snack. Adding a smidge of curry powder, Worcestershire sauce, and margarine provides the heat in each bite.

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    Cashew-Curry Chicken Salad

    Tropical flavors -- pineapple yogurt and mango chutney -- go head-to-head with curry powder in this flavorful sandwich. Dry-roasted cashews provide crunch.

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    Curried Butternut Squash Soup

    Butternut squash puree is sweet and satisfying; curry powder and other spices, like cilantro and fresh ginger, bring savory heat.

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    Grilled Corn with Curry Powder and Butter

    Curry works on simple recipes, too. The recipe below is for basic grilled corn on the cob; prepare it as directed, but top with melted butter and a dash of curry powder. For crunch, sprinkle chopped pistachios over each ear. 

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