Chile Recipes

Habanero-Mint Jelly
It's time to turn up the heat! We're sharing our hottest chile recipes ever. Whether you like a little spice or a full blaze, these sweat-inducing dishes bring the heat.

Sweet Corn Soup with Toasted Corn Guacamole

Don't let the name fool you -- this soup is a little spicy. Cool things off with a sprinkle of crumbly queso fresco.

Mexican Rigatoni and Cheese

Spice up your night with this easy Mexican-inspired mac and cheese. Fresh poblano peppers take it from basic to blistering.

Queso Verde Dip

We're experiencing a heat wave here. Balance the heat from the green chile with plenty of cheesy goodness.

Grilled Chicken Finger Fajitas with Peppers and Onions

Liven up your next dinner party with a platter of hot sauce-marinated chicken and grilled peppers. It gives everyone the chance to dig in!

Mexican Pickled Pintos, Corn, and Poblanos

The heat builds in this South-of-the-Border topping. Enjoy it on tacos, avocado toast, and more.

Ancho Chile Truffles

How about a little heat with your sweet? Chocolate comes alive with a pinch of ancho chile pepper.

Sweet and Spicy Brownie Bites

These brownies have bite. A combination of freshly grated ginger and ancho chile powder takes them from sweet to sinful.

Make chunky gaucamole with the help of perfectly ripe avocados (we show you how to identify them), easy avocado prep (check out our cutting tips), and the right mashing technique (we demonstrate our plastic bag method). Get started!

Ancho Chile Guacamole

Our chunky guacamole gets extra spice from ground ancho chile pepper.

Bloody Maria

Wake up your taste buds with this lethal blend of tequila, chipotle, and jalapenos. Rise and shine!

Tlayuda con Chorizo (Mexican Pizza with Chorizo)

This pizza is picante! For an extra-spicy slice, top the finished pizza with fresh jalapenos. Ole!

Chilled Raspberry-Chile Soup

This cold dessert is red hot, thanks to a double dose of fresh jalapenos. Want to blow the roof off? Top each bowl with sliced serrano peppers!

Jalapeno Steak 'n' Mushrooms

It's time to turn up the heat. We're adding jalapenos to classic steakhouse fare for a wow-worthy dinner that's got plenty of heat.

Jalapeno-Peach Wonton Poppers

These addictive poppers pack a double whammy of flavor. Each bite is stuffed with cream cheese and jalapenos. Serve with our homemade chile-peach dipping sauce.

Quinoa-Nectarine Gazpacho with Crispy Spiced Tortilla Strips

Dare to try something new? Start with this spicy yet refreshing summer soup. We think you'll love the blend of jalapenos, ginger beer, and pineapple juice.

Pork and Hot Pepper Hash

The savory blend of poblano and jalapeno peppers makes this peppery hash perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


Take a drink and experience the heat wave. Each sip of this jalapeno-studded cocktail is spicier than the last.

Aztec Hot Chocolate

This chocolate is too hot to handle! Warm up your mug with cinnamon and smoky chipotle.

Spicy Peanut-Chicken Noodles

The best part of Thai food? The delicate balance of spicy and sweet. Here, it's a blend of serrano peppers, fish sauce, and sugar.


Fish Tacos with Lime Sauce

If you can stand the heat, these tacos are for you. Each bite burns so good, thanks to freshly sliced serrano peppers.

Thai Chile Refrigerator Pickles

Add some spice to your slice. Fiery Thai chiles ensure these refrigerated spears are anything but boring.

Mango Habanero Pulled Chicken Bites

This appetizer is hot, hot, hot! Sweet mango balances the fiery heat of habanero in this set-it-and-forget-it slow cooker recipe.

Caribbean Chili with Black Beans

This five-alarm chili is not for the faint of heart. We're talking about a burn-inducing blend of habanero, chili powder, and allspice. Whew!

Habanero-Mint Jelly

Treat your tongue to this super spicy habanero jelly. A little goes a long way to spice up fish and chicken.

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