21 Breakfast-for-Dinner Ideas That Are Appealing Any Time of Day

Bacon and Egg Spaghetti in white bowl

Breakfast for dinner: Quite possibly the greatest idea since sliced bread. Eating breakfast entrées for dinner is always delicious and often easier than whipping up more traditional evening meals. These low-fuss breakfast food ideas (think casserole, sandwiches, and omelets) are just as good to serve at 6 p.m. as they are at 6 a.m.

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Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole

Monte Cristo Breakfast Casserole
Blaine Moats

Surprise! Not every breakfast casserole for dinner makes eggs the center of attention. Here, a French-inspired diner sandwich is the inspiration for the layers of salty ham, melty Swiss, tangy mustard, and buttered bread. Just before it hits the table, dust with powdered sugar for the ultimate sweet-and-savory cravings cure.

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Frico Fried Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches

Frico Fried Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches
Andy Lyons

This 20-minute sandwich is one of our new favorite breakfast-for-dinner recipes. Start by making an egg sandwiched between crispy cheese rounds (aka fricos), then sandwich that between bread. A handful of peppery arugula is the perfect complement to the richness of the yolk and the Parmesan.

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Steak, Egg, and Goat Cheese Pizza

Steak, Egg, and Goat Cheese Pizza
Blaine Moats

The "put an egg on it" trend is here to stay, and we're happy about it. This better-than-delivery recipe is proof of how delicious breakfast-for-dinner can be. It's easy, too: Refrigerated whole grain pizza dough and deli roast beef or leftover steak slices means it comes together in just 25 minutes before you pop it into the oven.

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Bacon and Egg Spaghetti

Bacon and Egg Spaghetti in white bowl

Bacon and eggs meet spaghetti in this breakfast-for-dinner pasta dish. You can cook the eggs to any doneness you'd like, but if you leave the yolks a little runny, they become an excellent "sauce" for the pasta. No surprise that the prep time is only 30 minutes; you can always count on pasta when you're on the hunt for easy dinner ideas.

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Cheesy Egg Breakfast Sliders

Cheesy Egg Breakfast Sliders with ham in metal pan

Slide into home after a long day with this easy breakfast for dinner that you can prep the night before. Assemble the ham and cheese mini sandwiches on Hawaiian sweet rolls and cover with an egg custard mixture. Refrigerate overnight. Just 10 minutes before dinnertime, drizzle with butter and bake until golden (8 minutes or less!).

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Breakfast Quesadillas

Breakfast Quesadillas on blue plate with silverware
Jason Donnelly

Give your breakfast food for dinner menu some South-of-the-Border inspiration. This five-ingredient recipe is ideal when your dinner crew (maybe two to four people) is on the smaller side. Come suppertime, set out bowls of pico de gallo, homemade guacamole, cheese, and fresh herbs, and tell everyone to BYOQ (build your own quesadilla).

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Pork and Hot Pepper Hash

Pork and Hot Pepper Hash with fried eggs

This hash recipe is hearty enough to make the leap from a.m. to p.m. Ground pork, a full pound of potatoes, and sunny-side-up eggs keep you satisfied, while poblano and jalapeño peppers will handle your cravings for big, bold flavors. Better still, the stove top breakfast-for-dinner idea comes together quickly, taking just 20 minutes of hands-on prep.

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Mashed Potato-Egg Casserole

Mashed Potato-Egg Casserole with bacon and strawberry beverage

One part mashed potatoes plus one part breakfast casserole equals a family favorite breakfast-for-dinner recipe. And talk about an easy way to make baked eggs! Simply slide them onto the mashed potatoes during the last 20 minutes of baking. The arugula salad on top makes this a one-dish meal. This recipe sits high on our list of easy dinner ideas.

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Poached Egg Breakfast Bowls

Poached Egg Breakfast Bowl with sauces and cheese

Poached eggs often make their way into our healthy breakfast recipes because they require no fat to prepare. Add some beans and kale, and not only is this breakfast bowl healthy, but it's also hearty enough for evenings, too. Keep it on your list of easy breakfast-for-dinner ideas you can enjoy after you've scored some glorious garden-fresh tomatoes and greens at the farmers market.

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Crab and Asparagus Frittata

Crab and Asparagus Frittata in cast iron pan
Blaine Moats

This recipe shows you how to make a frittata—and how to make just 6 ounces of crabmeat serve six. With vibrant asparagus, roasted red peppers, and tarragon, in addition to the crabmeat, this might be our most elegant breakfast-for-dinner idea. Include a basket of sliced bread on the side (plus olive oil for dipping), and get cracking.

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Frizzled Eggs over Garlic Steak and Mushroom Hash

Frizzled Eggs over Garlic Steak & Mushroom Hash
Andy Lyons

Steak is already a classic dinner staple, but adding an egg to the plate makes it a crave-worthy breakfast meal for any time of the day. With only five ingredients and 30 minutes required, it's a restaurant-worthy dinner the whole family can enjoy.

Test Kitchen Tip: Class up this breakfast-for-dinner recipe by topping the hash with sour cream, a bit of jarred horseradish, and a pinch of freshly snipped herbs.

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Greens, Eggs, and Ham Frittata

Greens, Eggs, and Ham Frittata in triangle shaped slices

It's not quite green eggs and ham, but we're satisfied with mixed greens alongside regular eggs and ham. And if you're wondering how to make a frittata recipe hearty enough for dinner, this is the recipe for you. The 2 cups of cheese help do the trick! PS: You could also put a slice of the frittata between two pieces of toast for a savvy way to enjoy breakfast food for dinner while on the go.

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Bacon and Egg Rice Bowls

Bacon egg Rice Bowls
Andy Lyons

We love breakfast ideas that showcase bacon and eggs, so it doesn't take much convincing for us to serve the combo in a breakfast bowl for dinner. Brown rice is your secret weapon for making the recipe hearty enough to be an evening meal. If it's a simple breakfast entrée you're after, you've scored one here.

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Mexican Tomatillo-Poblano Eggs

Mexican Tomatillo-Poblano Eggs and chips

If you're seeking easy dinner ideas for a weekend night, put your slow cooker to work. Get everything but the eggs cooking a few hours ahead, then go about your busy day. Then, come home, slip the eggs into the slow cooker to finish, and enjoy a satisfying bowl of breakfast for dinner.

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Breakfast Salad

Breakfast Salad with mozzarella cheese balls croutons and berries

With bacon, avocado, greens, chopped bagels, and everything bagel seasoning, this is a bowl-based twist on a breakfast sandwich. We love topping the breakfast salad with the poached egg option—the egg whites add texture and the yolks add extra lusciousness as they meld into the salad and wilt the greens ever so slightly in this breakfast-for-dinner idea.

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Breakfast Grilled Cheese

Breakfast Grilled Cheese made with waffles eggs and bacon

Who doesn't love waffles (frozen or homemade), scrambled eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches? Put them together, and you have one amazing breakfast-for-dinner sandwich. Keep the ingredients on hand to make this a go-to choice in your ongoing rotation of quick evening (or morning!) meal ideas.

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Egg and Fried Rice Olé

Egg and Fried Rice Ole with red and green peppers

When looking for easy dinner ideas, fried rice does the trick! While it usually contains scrambled eggs, this breakfast-for-dinner bowl of rice, corn, and peppers gets even better with a fried egg on top. Consider this recipe when you're looking for healthy breakfast ideas for a weekend brunch.

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Egg and Sausage Bread Bakes

Egg and Sausage Bread Bakes
Blaine Moats

Thank you, France, for inventing the baguette. It's the perfect vehicle for this terrific cross between a breakfast sandwich and a baked breakfast casserole. Bake hollowed-out baguettes with egg, sausage, bell peppers, and cheese. Voilà! An easy option to enjoy breakfast sausage for dinner.

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Family-Style Omelet

Family-Style Omelet
Andy Lyons

Omelet recipes always top the list of easy meal ideas, but preparing more than two at a time can make you feel like a short-order cook. So instead, use a large pan to make one large four-serving omelet. As a bonus, the healthy breakfast-for-dinner idea calls on reduced-fat cheese and a good helping of spinach, allowing you to eat tastefully and healthfully at the same time.

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Vegan Stuffed French Toast

Vegan Stuffed French Toast with coffee

Try this healthy breakfast-for-dinner meal that calls on clever substitutions to make French toast fit right into a vegan diet. Once you try the tasty nut-and-jam-stuffed toast, it might just fit right into your own rotation of easy dinner ideas, whether you follow a plant-based diet or not.

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Spicy Brunch Lasagna

Spicy Brunch Lasagna
Kritsada Panichgul

The beauty of this breakfast casserole for dinner is its make-ahead angle. So if you're looking for easy dinner ideas you can serve to a crowd after a busy day, put this recipe on the shortlist. The ribbons of lasagna layered with scrambled eggs, Italian sausage, creamy Alfredo sauce, hash browns, and cheese will please many people (16, to be exact!).

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