10 Surprising Things to Do with Watermelon

How to Make a Smoothie
It's no question that juicy watermelon is amazing on its own. Here, we share the love and play up the naturally sweet fruit in 10 surprising watermelon recipes. From tangy pickles and salsa to smooth gelato and more, watermelon makes an ultra-sweet statement.

Watermelon, Revisited

Once you've gotten past the seed/seedless debate, step into these wonderful ways with watermelon.

#1: Blend into Margaritas

Icy-cool margaritas are the emblem of any fabulous fiesta. Refresh your next pitcher with crisp cubes of watermelon! The pretty-in-pink fruit sweetly tames the punchy flavor of face-scrunching lime. Deck your glass rims in sugar for a sweet-as-candy finish.

Editor's Tip: Leftover watermelon? Use remaining round slices for cute and creative coasters!

#2: Make Pickles

Watermelon pickles? That's right! Save, slice, and soak the pale green rinds of summer's favorite fruit in white vinegar and homey cinnamon for a snack you can enjoy year-round!

#3: Toss into a Salad

Berries on salad is so been-there-done-that. Jazz up your leafy greens with fresh slices of watermelon and a few sprigs of mint for an invigorating dinner-party starter.

#4: Use in Gelato

One scoop of this chilly melon treat will have you dreaming of charming gelato shops in Italy. Make the indulgent treat at home by pairing ripe watermelon and fresh orange peel with frangrant-and-flowery hibiscus.

#5: Use It in Salsa

Homemade salsa is the key to any stellar taco. Top your next batch of chipotle-dusted pork tacos with our spicy-sweet salsa, featuring chopped banana, Anaheim peppers, fresh cilantro, and yours truly: watermelon.

#6: Add to Gazpacho

Tomato-rich gazpacho gets a delicious facelift when blended with sweet watermelon and a sour squeeze of lime.

#7: Freeze for Fruit Pops

Swap that old box of store-bought ice pops for a tray of rejuvenating, DIY watermelon pops! The frozen goodies layer slushy watermelon and tropical kiwifruit for the perfect poolside treat.

#8: Add It to Skewers

Melon gets a hot makeover in these chile-drizzled skewers. Sporting salty prosciutto strips and homemade chile syrup, these oh-so-spicy appetizers offer a lot to love.

#9: Stir into Soup

Add a pop of pink to your patio party with chilled bowls of watermelon soup. It's made with creamy Greek yogurt, tart lemon and lime, and a spoonful of honey -- how could you say no?

#10: Whip Up a Glaze

Ditch your go-to marinade for something a little more enticing: watermelon glaze! The homemade concoction mixes apple jelly, lime, crushed red pepper, and bottled hot sauce for a tantalizing coating.

Bonus Idea: Blend into Smoothies

Strawberry isn't the only fruit that makes a knock-your-socks-off smoothie. Toss seedless watermelon into the blender, along with fresh cauliflower florets, for the ultimate thirst-quencher.

Watch our so-simple formula for how to make a smoothie. We break down the four ingredients you need for tasty smoothies (hint: ice isn’t one of them).

Blend the Perfect Smoothie

Whether your smoothie is packed with watermelon and berries or peanut butter and chia, we'll teach you how to blend it to perfection with our secret Test Kitchen formula.

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