10 Surprising Things to Do with Peanuts

We all know the basic (yet delicious!) ways to use peanuts, including trail mix, peanut brittle, and straight out of the shell. But what if you want to inject nutty goodness into other recipe faves? Try these tantalizing peanut-spiked twists on traditional dishes such as tacos, soup, and pork chops.

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    Peanuts, Revisited

    Don't let Dumbo have the all the fun. When it comes to peanuts, these recipes push the circus staple to high-flying heights.

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    #1: Bring Thai Flavor to Plain-Jane Tacos

    Let's go global! A mix of Tex-Mex and Thai flavors will make these tasty tacos your new obsession. Chicken, peanuts, and a cabbage slaw fill each corn tortilla.

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    #2: Mix Into a Batch of Cookie Dough

    Check your chocolate chip cookie craving at the door -- these salted peanut cookies are about to knock your socks off. Instead of using peanut butter, mix roasted peanuts into the dough to give these cookies a little extra crunch.

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    #3: Roast Alongside Veggies

    Boom -- roasted! Take a walk on the wild side with this exotic roasted vegetables recipe. Drizzle carrots, chicken, cauliflower, and peanuts in a homemade Indian-spiced oil sauce.

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    #4: Transform a Traditional Dessert

    You already know baklava oozes gooey goodness in every bite. But surprise: We swapped the regular nuts in this classic dessert for peanuts instead. Shh, don't tell!

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    #5: Add Heartiness to a Soup or Stew

    Kick takeout to the curb. This healthy vegetarian soup features all your Asian favorites, including broccoli, tofu, peanuts, and banh pho (Vietnamese wide rice noodles). Don't forget the soy sauce!

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    #6: Add Crunch to French Toast

    You'll go nuts for this wow-worthy French toast-banana sandwich mash-up. Thick-cut French bread slices are dipped in cinnamon, sugar, and finely chopped peanuts before being stuffed with a delicious banana-cream cheese mixture.

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    #7: Amp Up Grilled Shrimp

    Shrimp dipped in a honey mixture, then rolled in coconut and peanuts, then wrapped in prosciutto? We wouldn't kid. These overloaded-in-the-best-way-possible grilled skewers are our favorite way to dish up savory-sweet shrimp.

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    #8: Give Banana Bread Bold Flavor

    For anyone who's ever tried a peanut butter-banana sandwich, this one's for you! Banana bread is baked with peanut butter right in the batter, then drizzled with strawberry jam and topped with peanuts. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

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    #9: Add Savory Kick to Sweet Desserts

    Forget plain doughnut holes -- these DIY cake pops are a major upgrade. Maple syrup, bacon bits, and chopped peanuts take these bite-size desserts to a whole other level of sweet-and-salty flavor.

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    #10: Coat Pork Chops

    Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside ... pork chops have never been better. A chili-spiced chopped-peanut coating adds surprising bold flavor and texture to this dinnertime staple.

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    More Surprising Things to Do with Peanuts

    Add a little more nutty goodness to your life with these fun no-recipe ways to use peanuts.

    - Mix with oats, crackers, or granola to make a crunchy streusel topping for desserts.

    - Sprinkle on a salad to add unexpected crunch to every bite.

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