10 Surprising Things to Do with Marinara Sauce

How to Make Fresh Tomato Marinara Sauce
Our favorite pantry staple? Bottled marinara sauce. We can't get enough of it! These 10 surprising marinara recipes prove you really can eat it with almost any savory food. Our favorite part: Most recipes are ready in under 30 minutes.

Our pantry hero? Bottled marinara sauce. Keep your shelves stocked, and you'll always be minutes away from an amazing meal.

#1: Bake Eggs in Marinara

If you've never baked eggs in marinara, we insist you try it right now. You're just two ingredients and 20 minutes away from awesome.


#2: Sauce Up Your Pot Roast

Step up your pot roast game. Saucy marinara transforms the American classic into an Italian masterpiece. The best part: It all happens in your slow cooker.

#3: Switch Up Twice-Baked Potatoes

These twice-baked pizza-style potatoes take the cake, er, pie. Skip the basics and go right for our favorite: Hawaiian-style.

#4: Poach Chicken in Marinara

Stressing about dinner tonight? Chances are, you've already got it in your pantry. All it takes is a jar of marinara and some chicken breasts. Problem solved!

#5: Bake Up an Appetizer

Need a party appetizer? Have people coming over right now? Love melty cheese? Say hello to your new best friend.

#6: Make Shortcut Paella

Want paella -- like, right now? Marinara makes it happen! Simply stir it into white rice with shrimp, peas, and bacon for a one-dish dinner that's ready in an instant.

#7: Roll into Flank Steak

Marinara: Meet dinner party. This wow-worthy dish looks complicated, but a you're halfway there with a simple rolling technique and some marinara sauce.

#8: Stir into Pizza Stew

You need this marinara-filled stew in your life. It's loaded with the pizza goods -- mushrooms, peppers, and cheese -- yet clocks in at under 350 calories per serving. Thanks, marinara!

#9: Add an Italian Flair

Take your taste buds on a trip to Italy. Simply load up your slow cooker with chicken, marinara sauce, and mushrooms. Ciao!

#10: Make a Dip

Your grilled cheese is missing something. Meet our creamy marinara dipping sauce. It's a match made in lunch heaven.

See how to blanch Roma tomatoes (the secret incredient in our tomato marinara recipe) to make it a cinch to peel them.

Make Your Own Marinara!

Start from ripe tomatoes to make these marinara-based recipes from homemade sauce.

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