10 Surprising Things to Do with Jam and Jelly

A smear of fruity jam or jelly can perk up any one of your favorite recipes. Whether it's a good-for-you smoothie, a savory sandwich, or a barbecue-tastic appetizer, we've selected a handful of jam- and jelly-sporting recipes for you to try!

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    The Jam Plan

    If you just know jam as toast's bff, this collection of recipes will have you rethinking your next jar.

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    #1: Add Preserves to BBQ Sauce

    Go home, barbecue sauce. Our slow-cooked ribs call for something sweeter: apricot preserves. The plush ingredient pairs with bottled chili sauce and a little brown sugar to create a perfectly fruity sauce.

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    #2: Spread Preserves on Flatbreads

    A swipe of canned peach preserves adds bright, poppy flavor to any golden flatbread. The preserves' thick, luscious texture pairs perfectly with rich Brie and crunchy red onion.

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    #3: Make Doughnut Cake with Jelly

    Jelly doesn't just belong in doughnuts. This dreamy cake, based on the bakery treat, features a double dose of cherry-red jelly. Find a lush sliver hidden between the fluffy filling and soft vanilla cake, then spread extra jelly in a heart shape for the perfect cherry on top.

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    #4: Add Jam to Frozen Drinks

    For an extra-fruity frappe, blend seedless raspberry jam with creamy berry gelato, then top with broken chocolate bars for that delicious fix of sweetness. Personalize your frappe by switching up the flavors of jam.

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    #5: Slow-Cook Chicken in Jelly

    Make your chicken thighs pop with bold flavor by slow-cooking them in peppery jalepeno jelly. A squeeze of lime juice and pinch of brown sugar gives 'em a refreshingly sweet twist.

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    #6: Blend It into Smoothies

    Well, they did it again. This time, creamy peanut butter and grape jelly make a fantastic (and easy as ever) PB-and-J smoothie. Just blend the unbeatable duo with plain Greek yogurt, milk, and a banana.

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    #7: Use Jam in Cookie Batter

    No chocolate chips here. These darling little cookies switch it up and use cranberry relish or orange marmalade to make their batter sweet as can be. Dress them up in cranberry-studded icing.

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    #8: Dunk Chicken in Jam

    Pretzel-coated chicken legs may sound weird, but dunk 'em in jam and they're an instant favorite. Choose between fig or apricot jam, then dip away for a sweet-and-tangy finale.

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    #9: Slather It on Savory Sandwiches

    Sweeten up your savory sandwich with a spoonful of fig jam. We smear the candylike jelly on this well-stacked Italian piadini -- made-from-scratch garlic bread sporting salty prosciutto, tangy Gorgonzola, and fresh arugula.

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    #10: Cook Meatballs in Jam

    A jar of plum jam and bottled barbecue sauce venture to the slow cooker in this so-simple party recipe. Just toss in frozen meatballs and jalepeno smoked sausage, then let 'em soak up the sweet-and-smoky goodness.

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    Bonus Idea: Use It for Braising Pork Ribs

    Pork ribs are perfect for braising, and they taste even better coated in tart apple jelly and smoky barbecue sauce. Find out how to make the perfect, sticky-sweet sauce for braising here!

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