10 Surprising Things to Do with Eggs

Linguine with Sausage, Greens and Egg Pan Sauce
There are endless ways to use up a carton of fresh eggs, including using them in omelets and mini quiches. Here, we push past poached, skip over scrambled, and frown on sunny-side up, and instead use the versatile egg in bold, unexpected -- and totally delicious! -- ways.

Eggs, Reimagined

Get crackin'! Eggs are the ultimate meal-maker. We prove it with 10 fresh ways to use 'em.

#1: Pair with Spaghetti

Spaghetti is welcomed to the breakfast table, thanks to runny eggs and crispy bacon. This unbeatable breakfast plate also features croutons and crumbly Parmesan.

#2: Make Egg Gravy

Biscuits and gravy has had its 10 minutes of fame. Today, slather a cut biscuit with more enticing Southern essentials: hard-cooked eggs, sausage, shrimp, sweet pepper, and hot sauce.

#3: Add to Pasta Salad

We've seen this pair flirt at the potluck table. Now bring them together in a perfect marriage: deviled egg pasta salad. Crunchy red onions, sliced celery, and sweet pickles make colorful party guests.

#4: Mix with Veggies

Lemon-splashed veggies invite deviled eggs to come on down in this fresh and fabulous side salad that features DIY umami dressing.

#5: Top Bruschetta

Say good-bye to overdone tomato toppers and hello to a scrumptious new bruschetta idea. Our alluring twist features dill-coated deviled eggs atop a fresh smear of tangy Dijon-mayo.

#6: Make Egg Muffins

Grace the breakfast table with an up-to-date mash-up: mouthwatering muffins made with bacon and fluffy egg. Sweeten the cheesy morning bites with a drizzle of warm maple syrup.

Need a breakfast or brunch recipe that serves a crowd? These baked-in-a-muffin-tin egg and bacon treats are a sure-fire way to start the day.

See How! Bacon-and-Egg-Muffins

Learn how to bake these brunch-perfect eggy muffins with our step-by-step how-to.

#7: Top Off Tarts

Better than breakfast pizza, this morning pastry is piled high with ultrasavory toppers: garlic asparagus, salty prosciutto, goat cheese, and yours truly: eggs. Crack, drop, and watch 'em bake to perfection atop the crisp, golden tart.

#8: Use as a Filling

Stromboli is an Italian turnover sporting mozzarella and capocollo, plus other savory meats. Make it breakfast-ready by swapping the usual filling for broccoli-and-onion-studded scrambled eggs, then top with our easy tomato sauce.

#9: Layer on a Sandwich

This isn't your average egg sandwich. Cheesy fried eggs get an instant face-lift layered along with crispy bacon and creamy slices of avocado.

#10: Make an Egg Sauce

Egg yolks join fresh lemon peel, Parmesan cheese, and milk in a silky sauce that's delicious drizzled over sausage-studded linguine pasta.

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