10 Surprising Things to Do with Apple Cider

Hot Spiced Cider
Apple cider isn't just for drinking anymore. In fact, you may even prefer it on a fork instead of in a mug! Include cider in your syrup, pork sandwiches … even your mac and cheese. Cheers to these innovative recipes that offer a fresh outlook on apple cider.

Apple Cider, Reinvented

We go way beyond the sipper with fresh-picked recipes that feature cider as you've never had it before.

#1: Amp Up Homemade Doughnuts

If you're a lover of deep-fried dough, do we have a gift for you. Not only is apple cider in the batter of these doughnut superstars, but apple pie spice finds its way into the glaze, too!

#2: Mix Up Mac 'n' Cheese

Convert those boxed mac 'n' cheese devotees. Our do-it-yourself version of the gooey favorite will impress adults and kids alike, thanks to apple cider, apple slices, and two kinds of cheese.

#3: Add to a Stew

Sweet? Got it. Savory? Covered. This hearty pork and vegetable stew proves apple cider has finally met its perfect match.

#4: Flavor Pulled Pork

Nothing against regular pulled pork, but our mouthwatering apple cider-spiked version just oozes goodness. Optimize juiciness by serving each sandwich with a small bowl of the cooking juices (take that, French Dip!).

#5: Bake into Granola

Consider this a two-for-one deal! Since apple cider tastes phenomenal both warm and cold, let our cider-infused granola pull double duty as a dry cereal eaten with milk one day and warmed with water for a hot breakfast bowl the next.

#6: Infuse Maple Syrup

Here's our definition of the perfect pancake topping: A simple mix of cider and syrup make this recipe the ultimate breakfast innovation.

#7: Moisten Baked Goods

These scrumptious cookies are apple pie's bite-size cousins. Cider keeps these treats moist; chopped apples and a homemade apple frosting boast full-bodied flavor.

#8: Transform a Chicken Dinner

After just one bite, this weeknight dinner will be the apple of everyone's eye! Cinnamon-coated apples and chicken soak in cider and a splash of brandy for the ultimate chicken recipe.

#9: Caramelize Veggies

Get prepared to add this veggie side dish to your regular dinner rotation. Our spiced apple cider-caramelized acorn squash mixes tasty veggies with a delectable hint of sweetness.

#10: Make a Meat Marinade

Marinades are easy -- just throw some ingredients in a plastic bag, add meat, and presto chango! Turn to the star of our show, apple cider, for your next pork dinner. You won't be able to resist the subtle hint of apple in every bite.

Bonus: Make the Perfect Cider Mug

OK -- we get it. Sometimes you want to skip the fuss and just drink your cider like nature intended. For those laid-back days, double the dose of apple goodness with one of our DIY apple mugs.


Make the mug:
Cut the top off a very large apple (about 3-1/2 to 4 inches in diameter). Using the edge of a 2-1/2-inch ice cream scoop, score a circle inside the cut surface of the apple to form a rim 1/2 inch thick around the edge of the apple. Use a melon baller to scoop out the center of the apple, taking care to not scoop out too close to the bottom and sides of apple. If desired, brush the inside of the apple with lemon juice to prevent browning.

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