Dinner Recipes & Meal Ideas

Trying to figure out what's for dinner is no easy task. Our dinner recipes, tips, and how-tos will ensure that you have something delicious to serve come dinnertime. Whether you're cooking for two or the entire family, a quick and easy meal or elegant holiday dinner, healthy dishes, or complete menus you'll find dinner ideas here.

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Use This Menu to Create an Elevated Holiday Dinner with a Twist

A design-minded couple put delightful twists on a holiday palette, menu, and decor to create a memorable dinner party for people they love.

Dinner from Your Pantry: Don't Bother Going to the Store

Not sure what to make for dinner tonight? Haven't been to the grocery store in a few days? These eight easy recipes will get dinner on the table in no time with the help of staples that you already have in your pantry.

How to Eat Like a Local in Savannah

Whether you're in town for business or just for pleasure, here are a few must-try eateries in Savannah as recommended by the locals who really know their stuff.

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How to Use Leftovers for a Fresh New Meal

Turn those leftovers into a meal that your family will flip for the second time around. Instead of just reheating and re-eating, transform that extra scoop of mashed potatoes or chili into a dish that wows. Check out these 12 creative recipes for a little leftover inspiration. No one will know you're making room in the refrigerator; instead they'll be making room on their plates!

Breakfast-for-Dinner Recipes

Breakfast for dinner: Quite possibly the greatest idea since sliced bread. Eating breakfast food for dinner is always delicious and often easier than whipping up more traditional evening meals. These low-fuss breakfast casserole recipes, breakfast sandwiches, bowls, omelets, and more are just as good to serve at 6 p.m. as they are at 6 a.m.

Ground Beef Recipes Your Family Will Request Again and Again

Add these dishes to your permanent rotation.