Zero baking time is required to enjoy the new-for-winter Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars and pints.

By Karla Walsh
November 19, 2018

11/19/18 — Sugar cookies and candy canes are delicious, true, but we're partial to any dessert that allows us to enjoy two—or more—treats mashed up into one. Which is why our interest was piqued by Yasso's newest products that do just that. The frozen Greek yogurt brand released Sugar Cookie and Peppermint Crunch products on November 1 to help us all get in the Christmas spirit. 

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The 120-calorie frozen Greek yogurt bars can be eaten on-the-go (or, you know, while using the other hand to tidy up the home for those last-minute guests). Available while supplies last through December 2018 at select stores nationwide, the new flavors include:

  • Sugar Cookie: Colorful sprinkles and chunks of sugar cookie dough in sugar cookie frozen Greek yogurt

  • Peppermint Crunch: Crushed candy canes, chocolate cookie pieces, and white chocolate chips in peppermint frozen Greek yogurt
  • Photos courtesy of Yasso
    Photos courtesy of Yasso

    If you prefer your frozen Greek yogurt served in a bowl, the same flavors are also available in pints. Each half-cup serving is 150 calories (if you're counting), and since they're made with Greek instead of regular yogurt, both products pack in more protein than their conventional frozen yogurt cousins. Both the bars and cartons ring in at $4.99.

    Photos courtesy of Yasso
    Photos courtesy of Yasso

    Prefer DIY vs. buy? Treat yourself to an edible gift this season and doctor up our Mint Greek Frozen Yogurt with crushed up cream-filled chocolate sandwich cookies or fold some sprinkles and sugar cookie pieces into our Sweet Cream Ice Cream.



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