How to Layer a Trifle

White Chocolate-Gingerbread Trifle
We'll show you, layer by layer, how to make an easy trifle that's delicious for any holiday or occasion.

Container Choices

To show off the layers of cake, berries, and custard, a straight-sided glass dish is best. If you do not have a trifle dish, get creative. Use a clear glass bowl or cookie jar. Or make individual trifles in wine glasses, tumblers, or jam jars.

Layer 1: Start with a Sauce

Spread the sauce in the bottom of the dish. For this trifle a creamy Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce made with eggs, cream, white chocolate, and lemon juice is the bottom layer.

Layer 2: Top with Crumbled Cake

A dense spicy gingerbread is torn and evenly distributed over the Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce in this trifle. Other options for the cake layer are crumble cookies, lady fingers, brownies, or sweet corn bread.

Layer 3: Spoon on more Sauce

Another layer of sauce ensures that the cake layer will absorb all the rich flavor of the creamy Lemon-White Chocolate Sauce.

Layer 4: Add Fruit

For color and flavor, top the trifle with a sweet fruit compote. For this Christmas trifle, tart cranberries are cooked in sugar until syrupy and paired with sweet strawberries.

Layer 5: Finish with Whipped Cream

For the final layer, a dollop of whipped cream adds extra richness to the dessert. For a boost of flavor and for a bit of flare, candied ginger strips are sprinkled over the whipped cream. Serve the trifle right away, or refrigerate until ready to serve (up to overnight).

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