Sporty Desserts That Will Earn You an Entertaining Trophy

Home run, three-pointer, touchdown—these sporty desserts are worthy of 'em all. These decorated sweets—sports cakes or gingerbread footballs (if you're looking for football desserts, you're in luck)—will surely bring home the gold.

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    Cookie Dough Football Pops

    Cookie dough AND football? There's no other winning recipe like this. And since it's served on a stick, you can save one hand for your pom-pom, remote, or beverage.

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    All-Star Sports Cake

    This basketball jersey is a slam dunk. Bake your favorite cake mix, then once it's cooled, cut the cake into a jersey shape and decorate.

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    Golf Cupcake

    It's time to tee up. Sure, Dad might appreciate this golf-theme cupcake, but so will anyone who enjoys the warm-weather sport. Decorate the golf ball according to your party theme.

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    Pumpkin Football Cakes

    Touchdown! Canned pumpkin gives these football cakes, which are perfect for a tailgate, a delicious fall flavor. The buttercream "laces" match the filling inside.

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    Baseball Cake

    White frosting and flaked coconut team up to decorate this baseball cake that's home run-worthy. First up to bat? The cake mix of your choice.

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    Race Car Cakes

    If you're throwing a party to watch car races or a kid's birthday party, this cute sporty car is perfect. Watch the slices speed off guests' plates!

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    Fudgy Football Brownies

    As far as brownies go, these fudgy footballs are definitely the champions. Creamy vanilla frosting works wonders as the football's stitching.

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    Go Bowling Cake

    We'll spare you the debate about if bowling is a sport and simply give you a piece of this delicious cake. 

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    Pick-a-Sport Cupcakes

    To celebrate the all-around MVP, serve a spread of baseball cupcakes, basketball cupcakes, and soccer cupcakes. All are guaranteed to score points with party guests!

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