Pear Pie

Indulge in the fabulous flavors of fall with a homey pear pie recipe. A tender piecrust filled with a sticky-sweet pear pie filling is sure to bring smiles to everyone who gets a slice.

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The Most Epic Pi Day Pies We've Seen

The most wonderful thing about mathematics? Celebrating Pi Day (March 14, aka 3.14) with ... pie!

Pear-Fig Pie with White Cheddar Crust

Discover how to make pie in your slow cooker for a stress-free dessert option. This fruit pie from scratch features pears and figs for sweetness and a bit of cheddar cheese for a pleasant salty kick.

Poached Pear Tart with Shortbread Crust

With its elegant fanned top, this poached pear tart recipe is begging to be served at your next party. Ginger in the pear-poaching syrup and the custard filling lend a pleasant hint of warm spice to this pear tart with shortbread crust.

More Pear Pie

Apple-Pear Praline Pie

Take your usual apple pie up a notch or two by adding pear slices and chopped pecans! This gooey fall dessert will fit right in with your Thanksgiving pies, or any other occasion that calls for a special dessert.

Pear-Plum Pie

A bit of sour cream makes the texture of this fruit pie's pastry flaky and moist. While we suggest filling it with our Pear-Plum Pie recipe, you could stuff it with any fruit flavor combination you like.