Pear Pie

Indulge in the fabulous flavors of fall with a homey pear pie recipe. A tender piecrust filled with a sticky-sweet pear pie filling is sure to bring smiles to everyone who gets a slice.

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Honey Hazelnut Pear Galettes
One of our favorite things about galettes is that there's no need battle with the pastry for perfect circles or crimping. Rough edges and pleats give the dessert character and an artisan look.
Brandied Sour Cherry and Pear Pie
A big splash of brandy marries the medley of sour cherries and pears.
Apple-Pear Praline Pie
Take your usual apple pie up a notch or two by adding pear slices and chopped pecans! This gooey fall dessert will fit right in with your Thanksgiving pies, or any other occasion that calls for a special dessert.

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Fresh Pear and Cranberry Pie
This cranberry pie recipe adds ripe pear slices with caramel sauce for extra sweetness.
Pear-Mace Rustic Tart
Mace is a spice that comes from the covering that surrounds nutmeg seeds. It has a flavor similar to nutmeg and marries beautifully with pears for an unforgettable holiday dessert. Plus, the tart is literally easier than pie because you simply fold over the crust.
Grape and Pear Pie

Filled with juicy fall fruit, this exquisite pie makes an ideal gift or potluck party dessert.