Discover what pie recipe your state craves most, plus, find out more about more of America’s favorite Thanksgiving foods. You'll want to steal our best-loved recipes for them all to add to your Thanksgiving menu or Friendsgiving spread.

By Karla Walsh
November 16, 2018

Any pie > no pie, of course, but which pie recipe reigns supreme in your state? With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other dinner party-worthy holidays right around the corner, GE Appliances surveyed 1,550 Americans about their feast faves. 

It turns out, pumpkin is preferred above all else, especially in the west, midwest, and southeast.

Image courtesy of GE

In terms of how to serve said pie, light and fluffy whipped cream is number one. A la mode came in second, followed by unadorned slices.

  • Whipped cream: 45 percent
  • Ice cream: 24 percent
  • By itself: 17 percent
  • Served with coffee: 14 percent

Make Your Favorite Holiday Pie Recipe

Your neighbors might prefer another variety, but we say “do you!” and use your personal favorite of these tested and true pie recipes to serve at Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, or other fall and winter celebrations.

Classic Pumpkin Pie

With a flaky homemade pastry crust and a canned pumpkin filling (scented with nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger), there’s a reason Better Homes & Gardens fans return to this just-like-grandma-made pie again and again. It’s scrumptious and simple to prepare.

Get the recipe: Classic Pumpkin Pie

Just six pantry staples are required to fill this rustic pecan pie. Crank up the decadence factor by tossing a handful of chocolate chips on top of the pastry before topping with the pecan mixture.

Get the recipe: Pecan Pie

Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

A whopping six cups of tart apples appear in this double-crust apple pie recipe. If you crave sweet-salty foods, you’ll love our optional addition of shredded cheddar cheese on top.

Get the recipe: Old-Fashioned Apple Pie

We were curious how Better Homes & Gardens fans from all around the country compared to these state-by-state results--for pie and beyond on the holiday table. So we polled @betterhomesandgardens followers on Instagram Stories for their preferred party picks.

For dessert: apple or pumpkin pie?

  • Pumpkin pie: 59 percent
  • Apple pie: 41 percent

Carb of choice: buttery roll or crumbly corn bread?

  • Dinner rolls: 76 percent
  • Corn bread: 24 percent

Green veggie go-to: bean casserole or bacon-coated and caramelized?

  • Green bean casserole: 68 percent
  • Brussels sprouts: 32 percent

Spuds: creamy or candied?

Next to (or atop) turkey: savory gravy or sweet cranberries?

On the side: stuffing/dressing or vegetables?

  • Stuffing: 79 percent
  • Veggies: 21 percent

With dinner: glass of vino or a cocktail?

  • Wine: 64 percent
  • Cocktail: 36 percent


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