Our Best Fall Pies and Tarts

Bourbon-Sweet Potato Pie with Hazelnut Crumble
Fall is a wonderful time to try new pie recipes, thanks to the abundance of available fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Our collection of favorite fall pies and tarts includes classics like pumpkin pie and apple pie, plus plenty of new pie and tart flavors, too.

Apple-Pear Tart

Pile two types of skillet-cooked fruits into a caramel-pecan cookie crust for a fall tart worthy of being a centerpiece. Drizzle the easy, elegant dessert with caramel before serving.


Mini Maple-Pecan Pies

Pecan pie is a must during the fall, and these adorably compact and scrumptiously sweet mini pies feature the sweet, nutty flavor you know and love. Reduced-fat ingredients help keep the muffin tin treats under 200 calories.

Apple-Cranberry Pie

A gorgeous and simple leaf topper is just the beginning of this luscious fruit pie recipe. Inside you'll find a tart and juicy combination of apples and cranberries. Sweeten things up with sugar and sweet fall spices.

Rustic Blood Orange Tart with Salted Pecan Crust

With their ruby-red flesh and sweet-tart flavor, blood oranges are a brilliant seasonal choice for this simple five-ingredient tart. A maple syrup reduction helps mull the fruit, while a homemade pecan crust adds a hint of saltiness to the elegant dessert.

Autumn Maple-Pear Pie

Peak-season pears burst from this gorgeous rustic pie. A poached pear topper and gooey caramel sauce garnish the piecrust, which gains nutty flavor from ground toasted pecans.


Apple Pie Pops

Savor the flavors of fall by simmering crisp apples with sugar and apple pie spice until tender. The sweet-tart fruit proves a worthy filling for flaky sugar-coated fall pie pops.

Amaretti-Cherry Cheesecake Pie

Add a little crunch to creamy cheesecake with a three-ingredient cookie crust and toasted sliced almonds. A drizzle of cherry juice and amaretto gives the pie the perfect amount of punch.

Perfect for fall gatherings or special occasions, we'll show you how to make a fruit pie with beautiful leaf pastry cutouts.

Caramel Apple-Cherry Pie

Combine the goodness of rich caramel apples with tart cranberries for a fruit pie that is perfect for fall gatherings. We'll show you our secrets to pie success, plus how to make the dessert's beautiful leaf pastry cutouts. 

Crumb-Topped Apple Slab Pie

It may not come out of a pie tin, but this is one of our most popular pie recipes of all time! The crumb topping -- chopped pecans, rolled oats, and sugar -- elevates this fall pie, which is prepared in a 15x10-inch pan for easy sharing.

Ginger-Pear Galette

A ginger-lemon filling surrounds paper-thin pear slices in this bold but sweet fall tart. Combined with a melt-in-your mouth pastry crust, it’s the perfect ending to a seasonal meal.

Maple-Nut Pie Bars

Get all the rich flavors of fall in an easy-to-hold bar with this delicious nut-studded pie recipe with a maple-brown sugar filling.

Apple and Browned Butter Tart

Caramelize thick wedges of Honeycrisp apples to create the beautiful top layer of this fragrant browned butter-custard dessert. Our easy homemade sweet pastry forms the tart's buttery crust.

Butternut Squash Pie with Gingersnap Crust

Use butternut squash instead of pumpkin to bring something new to the dessert table. The sweet, nutty flavor pairs beautifully with a spicy gingersnap crust. Sprinkle cinnamon into a leaf-shape cookie cutter to make the gorgeous garnish.

Apple Tart with Cheddar Cheese Crust

Soft and flaky pastry crust filled to the brim with tender cinnamon-and-sugar apples -- what could make this classic dessert better? Try adding sharp cheddar cheese to the crust and topping for the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

You can make your own pie dough! Watch as our Test Kitchen expert shows how to mix the ingredients to create a flaky piecrust for perfect pie recipes.

Flaky Homemade Pie Dough

Making piecrust won't be intimidating after you pick up the simple tricks in this video. Watch as we show you the secret to mixing pie dough, plus how to store the homemade pastry. 

Pumpkin Icebox Pie with Pistachio-Gingersnap Crust

Icebox pies are an easy alternative to traditional pies. The buttery crust is the only part you need to bake. The chilled pumpkin filling has all the flavors you know -- cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves -- but cream cheese and gelatin give it an airy texture.

Spiced Maple Tart with Poached Pears

Fan out gorgeous Bosc pears atop a lush fall pie. Enhance their juicy sweetness by poaching and glazing them in a tangy mixture of apple juice and maple syrup.

Candied Sweet Potato Pie

Gorgeous orange sweet potatoes deserve center stage treatment. Here, caramelized slices of the fall favorite mingle with pecans, lemon peel, and nutmeg inside a pecan-flavor piecrust.

Apple-Cardamom Custard Pie

Smooth vanilla custard spiced with peppery cardamom smothers a layer of tender sliced apples in this twist on apple pie. For a salty crunch, top the pie with a sprinkling of pistachio nuts after baking.

Maple-Nut Pie

Two cups of toasty walnuts surrounded by a sugary mixture of pure maple syrup, light rum, and nutmeg make every bite of this pie a pleasure. Use a cookie cutter to form autumn leaf cutouts with any extra pie dough.

Pumpkin Mascarpone Pie with Candied Pecans

Why stop at whipped cream? Add mascarpone for a thick, indulgent topping that's perfect for pairing with vanilla-infused pumpkin. Now that's a pumpkin pie!

Caramel Apple Pie

Complete this cinnamon-spiced apple pie with a crumb topping, crunchy pecans, and a drizzle of gooey caramel sauce. Braid the edges of your piecrust for a fancy finish. 

Sweet Potato Pie

Garnish each piece of this beautiful pie with a spoonful of whipped cream and a pinch of ground nutmeg for an alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie.

Ginger-Pumpkin Meringue Pie

Brown sugar meringue creates a unique topper for this maple-infused pumpkin pie. The gingersnap crust adds another layer of crisp fall flavor.

Fudgy Caramel and Peanut Butter Brownie Pie

Coffee-flavor liqueur combined with bittersweet chocolate gives this brownie-like pie a deep mocha flavor. Creamy peanut butter and caramel baking bits make the pie filling extra indulgent.

Bourbon-Sweet Potato Pie with Hazelnut Crumble

The warm flavor of bourbon makes an easy addition to hearty sweet potato pie. The caramelized hazelnut crumble is the real treat, though. This crunchy and sweet topper will have you asking for seconds.

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