How to Make Blueberry Ice Cream Pie

Scott Peacock, American cooking guru and Better Homes and Gardens contributing editor, shows you how to turn a few fresh ingredients into a crowd-pleasing summer dessert. Unlike other blueberry pie recipes, the crust is the only portion of this chilly ice cream pie that requires you to turn on your oven. This Blueberry Ice Cream Pie is the ideal summer dessert!

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    American Classics: Blueberry Ice Cream Pie

    Chef Scott Peacock's sensational seasonal blueberry pie comes together with ripe blueberries, vanilla ice cream, and a few kitchen staples. This blueberry ice cream pie recipe will almost certainly become your go-to summer dessert. See the following slides for step-by-step instructions for getting it just right.

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    Begin Making the Crust

    Every blueberry pie recipe starts with a mouthwatering crust, and this ice cream pie is no different. Instead of a typical flaky crust, this pie recipe uses a crumbly crust made with nuts and brown sugar. In a food processor, pulse together almonds, brown sugar, and salt until coarsely ground.

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    Add Melted Butter

    Once the dry ingredients are mixed well and coarsely ground, transfer to bowl and stir in melted butter. Use 3 tablespoons of unsalted, melted butter to hold the almond crumbs and brown sugar together to form a crust.

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    Press into Pie Plate

    With your fingers, press the crust onto the bottom and sides of a 9-inch pie plate to form a firm, even layer. Bake until lightly golden. "Don't overbrown or the crust will have an overpowering flavor," Scott says. Allow to cool completely. After baking and before filling (if not using immediatly), tightly wrap and freeze for up to a week.

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    Begin the Blueberry Sauce

    This pie recipe is all about the berry sauce! In addition of adding plenty of fresh blueberries on top, there's also a hidden streak of juicy blueberry sauce sandwiched between the layers of ice cream. To start the sauce, combine blueberries, sugar, cornstarch, and salt in a large, wide nonreactive skillet, stirring well with a spoon to distribute the sugar and cornstarch.

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    Add Flavorings

    This fresh blueberry sauce can shine on all its own, but adding a pinch of orange zest to the mix makes it an even bigger star. Add zest, lemon juice, water, and a few gratings of nutmeg to the blueberry mixture. Stir again to blend.

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    Cook the Sauce

    Cook and stir over medium heat until blueberries begin to pop, give off juice, and come to a full simmer. Simmer, stirring gently for 1 additional minute until the sauce is lightly thickened and cornstarch is well cooked. Set aside to cool, refrigerate sauce until completely chilled before proceeding. "Otherwise, you'll wind up with a blueberry milk shake," Scott says.

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    Begin Assembling the Pie

    Transfer ice cream to a mixing bowl and let stand in the refrigerator 30 minutes until just softened. This will make the ice cream much easier to spread into the pie crust. Spoon half into prepared crust.

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    Add Blueberry Sauce

    Spread ice cream in an even layer and top with the chilled blueberry sauce. Spoon on the remaining ice cream and spread to the edges. This is where you'll have to be patient—cover surface of ice cream with plastic wrap and freeze at least 8 hours or overnight until firmly set.

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    Spread Creamy Topping

    In chilled mixing bowl, whisk crème fraiche, heavy cream, and sugar until just thickened to spreading consistency. Do not overbeat. "It is very easy to go from smooth to grainy," Scott says. Spread cream mixture over pie.

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    Serve and Enjoy

    It's time for the best part of making blueberry pie: the taste-test! Top the pie with fresh blueberries and serve with heated blueberry sauce on the side. "You think it's just ice cream pie, but thanks to the layering, every bite is a little bit different from the one before," says Scott.


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