Apple Pie

An apple pie recipe is a must for fall baking season and holiday gatherings, but you can enjoy apple pie year-round. Use our easy apple pie recipes, apple pie recipes with new flavor twists, and pie crust recipes to make a fruit dessert anytime you crave one.

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Vanilla Apple Gratin

This sweet and creamy apple dessert comes with a built in drink pairing--whatever sparkling wine you added to the recipe.
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Apple Pandowdy

Pull out your skillet to cook up this homey apple dessert. Don't let the name scare you off, a pandowdy is similar to a cobbler, but is shingled with irregular shapes of pastry dough on top.
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Fried Apple Hand Pies

Move aside, apple pie, because these fried hand pies are giving the traditional dessert a run for its money. There's no fork required, and you can load up your fried apple pie with as much powdered sugar icing as you want.
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Pie in an Apple

You can leave your pie pan on the shelf for this recipe. Instead of peeling and chopping apples, scoop out the insides and cook with brown sugar and apple pie spice. Top each apple with pie crust and bake, and you've got the cutest mini apple pies ever.
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Easy Deep-Dish Apple Pie

More filling? Yes, please! Baking a simple apple pie recipe in a deep-dish pie pan adds even more apples to each slice, and we'll never say no to more delicious, cinnamon-spiced filling.
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Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch apple pie recipes can have a few different variations; some use a deep-dish pie plate, and others are topped with a lattice-style crust. Our recipe includes heavy cream in the filling, and a deliciously crumbly streusel topping for rich, decadent slices.
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More Apple Pie

Apple Crumb Pie

Apple pie meets apple crumble recipe in this shortcut apple dessert. Refrigerated piecrust and a warmly-spiced crumble replaces all the fussy homemade pastry.
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Apple-Cherry Pie

Apple pie or cherry pie? No need to decide. This fruit pie recipe combines the best of both.
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Apple Pie Egg Rolls

Here's an apple pie recipe you can eat with your hands! While it's inspired by a state fair food favorite, we love to enjoy it all year long for a quick and easy dessert idea.