These 6 Copycat Recipes Actually Taste Like Childhood

These nostalgia-inspired homemade recipes are great for the entire family.
A Treats Affair

What if we told you that you can quickly re-create all your favorite, delectable childhood sweet treats in your very own kitchen? Making signature, old-timey treats is easier than ever because we've rounded up six recipes of the most famous childhood snacks and we're telling you how to whip up your very own renditions today. Check out the 6 recipes below and bake some sweet treats your kids won't forget either:

1. Swiss Rolls

Cooking By Moonlight

Why have two mini Swiss Rolls when you can have one giant cream-filled dessert log? This blogger took her love for the grade-school treat to the next level with her super-sized copycat recipe. We will be thinking about this one for the rest of the day!

Get the recipe from Cooking By Moonlight

2. Oatmeal Cream Pies

A yummy, marshmallow cream filling sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies... too good to resist! You've got to check out our take on this classic dessert.

Get the recipe here

3. Zebra Cakes

A Treats Affair

What's your favorite part about a zebra cake; the sweet drizzled icing, the spongy vanilla cake, or the fluffy filling? We can't decide! But we can agree on one thing — this copycat zebra cake recipe is all-around amazing.

Get the recipe from A Treats Affair

4. Honey Buns

This sticky treat was our favorite breakfast snack as a kid. The sweet honey flavor completely overshadowed the sticky mess it left on our fingers! Try the grown-up version of this recipe with our thick, rich, sticky buns. You won't be let down.

Get the recipe here

5. Cosmic Brownies

Gluten Free on a Shoestring

We really can't explain what was so special about these glorified chocolate brownies, but we know that we can't get enough. Show off your baking skills by making this gluten-free version for your family that has just as much chocolaty flavor as the original.

Get the recipe from Gluten Free on a Shoestring

6. Little Muffins

These shareable mini muffins made you the most popular kid at the lunch table back in grade school. We were inspired by these tiny treats and made our own, grown-up version of the delicious muffins. Pass these out at the office as a tasty act of kindness!

Get the recipe here


  1. All junk food

  2. I gained 2 pounds looking at the pictures.

    1. Made me laugh! Thanks. I needed that!

  3. Can I just say YUMMERS!!!!!!!! Great classic recipes recreated!

  4. You can still buy this. Little Debbie’s hasn’t went out of business. Why are you acting as if these can’t be found anymore?

    1. Yes, they are still available in the stores but if you look at the cosmic brownies recipe for instance they are giving a gluten free way of making them. No where sells GF versions of these popular goodies. GF people can take the reg recipes as well and do their own spin off of these so everyone can enjoy them. I can't wait to try these GF Style.

    2. Because the vast majority of these "treats" are chemical bombs filled with artificial flavoring, artificial colors and preservatives

  5. They do sound like they will exactly as advertised. I have always wanted to get a copy of these recipes(espeically Swiss Rolls)I am going to try these as soon as possible

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