Summertime means s'mores time! It's hard to beat the delicious flavors and comforting taste of s'mores. We've taken the nostalgic sweet to a whole new level with a frozen pie recipe you have to taste to believe.

By Kate Dean

There are certain things that just scream summertime: enjoying hot dogs and baseball games; days spent lounging at the pool or at the beach trying to beat the scorching summer heat; family reunions, block parties, picnics, and barbecues where you grill out with family and friends. And, of course, it wouldn't be summertime unless you slowed down to enjoy a yummy frozen treat, such as this mini Frozen S'mores Pie!

Individual Frozen S'mores Pie Recipe

The individual frozen s'mores pie recipe combines everything there is to love about pie, ice cream, and s'mores into one delicious little frozen treat that's perfect for summer! The pie starts off with an easy, buttery graham cracker crust to hold in all of the s'mores goodness. The chocolate whipped cream filling is so much easier to make than ice cream, and it tastes like super creamy, premium chocolate ice cream. The chocolate whipped cream filling is topped with a layer of sweet and toasty marshmallow fluff.

The frozen s'mores pie has an incredibly yummy combo of textures, tastes, and temps. The crunchy shell offsets the super smooth chocolate whipped cream, and the sweet and creamy frozen chocolate filling contrasts perfectly with the hot and toasty marshmallow topping.

Ready to make this frozen take on the campfire classic? Get the easy, summery Frozen S'mores Pie recipe from i heart eating.

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