How to Make Edible Chocolate Bowls

Make your bowl and eat it, too. Perfect for a party, these chocolate bowls are just as easy to make as they are to eat. Plus, they're customizable!

Fill these edible chocolate dessert bowls with ice cream, berries, or whatever satisfies your sweet tooth.

Make Your Bowl

These treats have DIY written all over them: They're easy to make, and you can customize them however you'd like. Here's the main recipe to get you started.


  • Chocolate and/or white chocolate candy melts
  • Choice of toppings, such as chopped nuts or sprinkles (optional)


  1. Microwave candy melts until completely melted.
  2. Blow up a small balloon, then dip balloon in chocolate. Rotate balloon until all sides are evenly coated (thickness is up to you).
  3. While chocolate is still wet, dip balloon in the topping of your choice.
  4. Once chocolate hardens, pop balloon. Repeat until you have as many bowls as you'd like!

Top It Off

Dip the bowls in chopped nuts or sprinkles, or try one of these yummy ideas:

  • Crushed candy bars
  • Chopped fruit
  • Coconut flakes
  • Crushed cookies

Fill It to the Brim

Choose what you'd like to eat with your sweet bowl. Just remember: If the filling is warm, the bowl will melt!

Take It to the Next Level

An edible bowl is already over the top. But if you're really going for a wow-worthy dessert, amp up the fun with one of these ideas:

  • Put a brownie or piece of cake on a plate, then place the chocolate bowl over the dessert. When you're ready to serve your treat, drizzle hot fudge over the top—you'll want to catch this on video.
  • Do your best to blow up two balloons to the exact same size. Once the bowls harden, fill one with the filling of your choice, then place the second bowl on top, bottom side up. Use melted chocolate to seal the two together. Kids will love cracking open the chocolate ball to find out what's inside!
  • Once a bowl hardens, dip it quickly (so chocolate doesn't melt) into melted caramel, then sprinkle sea salt on top. Warning: This dessert will be rich.
  • Upgrade your Instagram by serving smoothie bowls in chocolate bowls.

More Fun Party Treats

Don't stick to the norm! Try another out-of-the-box dessert.


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