Admit it, you've gone spoon-first into your fair share of purchased cookie butters. With these homemade cookie butter recipes, you can create cookie butters in any flavor you desire!

By Sheena Chihak
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Chocolate Cookie Butter

Our Chocolate Cookie Butter recipe combines cocoa powder with chocolate sandwich cookies for double the chocolate. It's perfect for spreading on sugar cookies, shortcake, and sweet bagels.

Shortbread Bourbon-Vanilla Cookie Butter

Our Shortbread Bourbon-Vanilla Cookie Butter recipe is perfect on waffles, cobblers, and sauteed apple slices, and as an additional layer when making s'mores.

Ginger Cookie Butter

Try our Ginger Cookie Butter recipe on scones or breads such as a lemon-nut bread.

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Bonus: Nut Butter Recipes

Download the recipe labels


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