Creative and Clever Cinco de Mayo Desserts

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with these cute and clever Cinco de Mayo dessert recipes. Each cute dessert recipe is inspired by Mexican cuisine or culture to make them perfect Cinco de Mayo food, but are fun and tasty enough to make on Cinco de Junio, Cinco de Febrero, Cinco de Abril, or any other day of the year. Add our sweet empanadas, dessert tacos, and margarita cupcakes to your next party menu for the ultimate fiesta.

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    Ice Cream Tacos

    Trust us, chocolate-dipped waffle bowls are the new taco shells. A quick turn in the microwave lets you reshape the bowls into a shell shape, so you can make a big batch of sweet shells and let your guests build their own sweet ice cream taco. Start with a couple generous scoops of your favorite ice cream, then load up on toppings (it's just like a cross between a taco and an ice cream sundae!). Don't forget the cherry on top!

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    Taco Cookies

    These tacos might trick you into taking a bite of one for dinner, but they're actually dessert! Make realistic taco cookies with cinnamon-sugar spiced sugar cookie shells, crushed chocolate sandwich cookies for "meat," fruit leather "lettuce," and maraschino cherries in place of cherry tomatoes. A pinch of cayenne pepper sprinkled on the cookies gives them just a touch of heat, and a zig-zag of white frosting finishes your tacos off with a dollop of "sour cream." Your party guests won't know these tacos are sweet until they try them!

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    Maraca Cookies

    These cookies are ready to shake their way to the center of your dessert table! Filled with a colorful mix of sprinkles and candy, biting into these maraca cookies will liven up the party. The cookie recipe isn't just called maraca cookies because it looks like maracas, they actually serve as noise makers, too! Give 'em a shake before eating to see for yourself.

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    Margarita Cupcakes

    Cheers! You can still clink glasses with a margarita on the rocks, but these boozy cupcakes deserve a toast, too. A double dose of tequila (in the cake and the frosting!) designates this dessert as an adults-only treat. Just like the drink you're sipping, garnish each cupcake with a slice of lime and even some salt if you like things a little less sweet.

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    Fiesta-Ready Churro Bar

    We'll never get enough of churros, and setting up your own personal churro bar lets you make them differently each time. With four different glazes (including birthday cake and Mexican chocolate) and an endless list of potential toppings (from nuts to frosted animal crackers to orange zest), you can try a different combo with every bite. This dessert bar might even be more popular than your margarita station on Cinco de Mayo!

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    Almond Tres Leches Cake with Strawberry-Mango Salsa

    This tres leches cake goes above and beyond the usual, making it a must-eat for Cinco de Mayo. Mix ground almonds into the cake batter to make a delicious almond cake, then pour a mixture of cream, sweetened-condensed milk, and evaporated milk on top for a super moist dessert. Top each slice with a fruity strawberry and mango salsa, and this cake will be in the running for best dessert ever.

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    Apple Pie Tacos

    Make apple pie Cinco de Mayo-ready by skipping the wedges and serving pie tacos instead. Everything about these decadent dessert tacos has us hooked, from the sweet, gooey apple filling to the fried corn tortillas coated in cinnamon-sugar. Add a spoonful of whipped cream and a drizzle of rich caramel sauce, and this mash-up dessert might start regularly replacing classic apple pie on special occasions.

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    Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

    We've always thought churros could be so much more than just their own dessert—so we fried up a circular batch and used them to make ice cream sandwiches! Finish off your Cinco de Mayo feast by sandwiching your favorite ice cream between two churros and enjoying the sweet mix of creamy ice cream and fried churros. They'll definitely be a little messy, but this treat is best when the churros are fresh out of the fryer and the ice cream is melty in the middle.

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    Tequila-Spiked Apple Empanadas

    You won't find meat or cheese tucked away inside these empanadas—instead, surprise Cinco de Mayo guests with tequila-spiked apple pie filling. Each bite is just like sinking your teeth into your own personal apple pie pocket. If you want your guests to know that these empanadas are sweet before they try them, drizzle each one with powdered sugar icing (made with tequila, of course).

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    Ancho Chile Truffles

    We've never turned down a good chocolate truffle, but these spicy ancho chile truffles might just be our new favorites. This truffle recipe mixes ancho chile and cayenne pepper in with a creamy chocolate filling to bring a taste of fire to ordinary truffles. Finish them off with a quick roll through cocoa powder and ancho chile pepper to reinforce the sweet and spicy flavors.

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    Dulce de Leche Cake

    Dulce de leche is a Cinco de Mayo must, and there's no better way to serve it than this indulgent cake recipe. Not only does it have beautiful drizzles of caramelized sugar on top and dulce de leche cream on the side, but it also has a secret layer of dulce de leche tucked away between the two cake layers. To really send this cake over the edge into ultra-irresistible territory, frost with homemade whipped cream frosting.

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    Frozen Coconut Horchata

    You won't be drinking this horchata (unless you wait for it to melt!). Turn this classic Mexican drink into a frozen Cinco de Mayo treat by mixing rice milk, coconut milk, and Mexican cinnamon together. Let the mix freeze, then grab your ice cream scoop and start doling out dessert. To make this ice cream even more delicious, try topping with a drizzle of dulce de leche and toasted coconut shavings.

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    Churro Cupcakes

    One look at these decadent churro cupcakes, and our mouths are already watering. Sprinkle cinnamon-sugar over the cupcake batter just before baking, and top each mountain of luscious, pillowy frosting with a mini churro. These sweet cinnamon-covered cupcakes are a great way to dress up churros for an extra-special occasion!

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    Chocolate Icebox Cookies with Dulce de Leche

    It's not just the dulce de leche filling that makes these icebox cookies ready to party on Cinco de Mayo—add a dash of cayenne pepper to the cookie dough for just a hint of heat and to make the chocolate flavor even richer. If you want to get a jumpstart on your Cinco de Mayo party prep, the cookies can be stored in your freezer for up to 3 months. When fiesta day arrives, just thaw and add dulce de leche.

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    Huachibolas (Jam and Cream Cheese Rolls)

    Ready for dessert (or breakfast!) these sweet rolls are filled with a tantalizing mixture of jam and cream cheese. Bake this recipe on the day of your Cinco de Mayo party to fill your entire house with the mouthwatering smell of freshly baked rolls. You can use any type of jam you want for the filling, or you can try out a few different flavors in one batch.

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