11 Box Office-Worthy Movie Desserts

Ever wondered what your favorite movies would look like in the form of a dessert? It's time to find out! Enjoy all the fun of the movies with one of these box office-worthy desserts.

1. Batman vs. Superman Cake

Batman and Superman come together in delicious harmony in this glorious cake from Ashlee Marie. On the outside you get a Superman cake, then POW! A Batman cake is revealed in the center. It's any comic book-lover's dream!

2. Butterbeer Freeze

No need to travel to Hogsmeade to enjoy a glass of this frozen refreshment from Cupcake Diaries! Butterbeer Freeze is easy to make and will transport you to the Three Broomsticks with Harry and his friends. And it will only cost you two sickles when you get there.

3. Jurassic Park Dinosaur Cookies

You'll never find a tastier fossil. Dinosaur cookies from Sugar and Soul have a dinosaur print right in the center to give them a bit of prehistoric flair. This is one dinosaur you won't need to escape!

4. Baymax Cupcakes

He's puffy, he's soft, and he's now a cupcake. This lovable dessert from Dessert Now, Dinner Later features that friendly health care robot in all his puffy glory. Pull out the marshmallows and get baking these cute little guys!

5. Chocolate Snitch Cake

The Golden Snitch from the Harry Potter book series has been transformed into a decadent cake that any seeker would want to catch. It may be the smallest ball in a Quidditch game, but there's nothing small about this magnificent cake version from Ashlee Marie!

6. Minions Popcorn

They're yellow, they're hilarious, and now they're a popcorn. This sweet and salty treat from Cupcake Diaries has a little bit of humor and a whole lot of flavor. Kevin, Stuart, and Bob never looked so delicious.

7. Star Wars Milk Shakes

Some people hold lightsabers, others hold milk shakes that look like lightsabers. Keep the force (and the ice cream) with you as you create these creamy Star Wars Blue Milkshakes from Sugar and Soul for your Star Wars viewing party!

8. Olaf Chocolate-Covered Pears

Do you want to build a pear snowman? The lovable snowman with his own flurry makes the perfect pear. Whether it's summer, winter, or anytime in between, these pears from Ashlee Marie are friendly and fun for any occasion.

9. President Snow's White Rose Cake

Fans of the popular The Hunger Games trilogy know that chill in the air when it comes to the ruthless Coriolanus Snow. President Snow's White Rose Cake from Sugar and Soul perfectly depicts the eeriness that is the president of Panem and his obsession with the right rose. This beauty is just the treat to serve for a movie party or book club. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

10. Finding Dory Floats

She may be a wide-eyed fish who forgets everything every 10 seconds, but she won't forget this delicious float from Cupcake Diaries! It's a creamy and sparkling ice cream refreshment that everyone can enjoy and the perfect refreshment to serve at a blue tang fish reunion.

11. Stormtrooper Peanut Butter Cups

Stormtroopers may be the main ground force of the Galactic Empire, but they're all sweet when it comes to the dessert table. Let the Star Wars geek in you come right on out when you make these Stormtrooper Peanut Butter Cups from Ashlee Marie.

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