It's a simple formula: doughnut hole + stick + toppings. The result? A delicious no-bake cake pop that will be gobbled up at parties or at the end of a fun family meal.

Whip up a batch of cake pops -- no baking required! Push a lollipop stick into a purchashed cake doughnut hole, then add a melted coating and tasty toppers. Get all our versions, below, including flavors like:

  • chocolate sandwich cookies
  • candy bars
  • bacon
  • toasted almonds

Honeybee Doughnut Pop

Butter, powdered sugar, and (of course) honey make the light-but-sweet frosting in these yummy doughnut pops. We embellished them with candy flowers, but you also could add gummy bees, edible flowers, or an extra drizzle of honey for a pretty effect.

Get the Honeybee Doughnut Pop recipe.

Candy Bar Doughnut Pop

This doughnut pop can be customized with your favorite chocolate candy bar (we have six suggestions to start). Spread melted chocolate frosting atop a plain cake doughnut hole, then push in a few chopped-up candy bars for a tasty dessert.

Get the Candy Bar Doughnut Pop recipe.

Peanuts and Bacon Doughnut Pop

Why not bring bacon to the dessert menu? This salty-sweet take on doughnut pops brings together maple syrup, cooked bacon, and chopped peanuts for the ultimate postdinner indulgence.

Get the Peanuts and Bacon Doughnut Pop recipe.

Dirt Doughnut Pop

Here's a clever way to transform chocolate sandwich cookies: Use them as a fun sprinkle atop white chocolate-glazed doughnut holes. Kids and adults will adore them!

Get the Dirt Doughnut Pop recipe.

Toasted Almond Doughnut Pop

Our editors gave this simple recipe a top rating. The toasted almonds make all the difference: They add a smoky, salty crunch to the lightly glazed plain cake doughnuts.

Get the Toasted Almond Doughnut Pop recipe.

Decorated Doughnut Hole Pops

Add sprinkles in whatever colors fit the occassion -- these super easy doughnut pops require just four ingredients.

Get the Decorated Doughnut Hole Pops recipe.

Bonus: Make Your Own Cake Pops!

Love these dougnut pop ideas? This printable two-page collection of recipes includes a from-scratch cake pop recipe, plus 12 scrumptious topping ideas. Get a free PDF of cake pop recipes!



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