Try a melted snowman cookie and other melting snowman treats this season. These adorable snowpeople in the form of cookies and cupcakes are sure to be a hit at any winter gathering and are easier to make than they may look. To really get in the spirit, while you're busy decorating the sweets, sip on a melting snowman cocktail.

By Katlyn Moncada
Updated January 08, 2021

It's a sad day when the sun comes out and your snowpeople creations start melting into puddles outside. But when a melting snowman is made of sugar AND you can enjoy them inside? Well, that's a different (and very delicious) story. We have some melted snowman treats in store for your winter baking festivities. Since snowman desserts are appropriate even with the Christmas cookie season is over, these are the perfect way to keep the baking spirit alive all winter. Here you'll find our favorite melting snowman ideas for cookies, cupcakes, and even a delicious cocktail.

Credit: Jason Donnelly

Chocolaty Melting Snowmen

These little snowmen couldn't take the heat, and their melty goodness is what makes them one of our favorite cookies. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a tall glass of milk and a delicious chocolate-infused melted snowman cookie. These wintry treats aren't difficult to make, either. Just bake the chewy chocolate cookies and start decorating.

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Melty Snowmen Sugar Cookies

With sugar, coconut flakes, and gumdrops, these sugar cookies are full of flavor and baked to perfection. Start with our classic sugar cookie recipe, then use your cookie decorating skills to dress up each snowman cookie with a gumdrop, chewy candies, and food coloring. You'll have a plate full of Frostys in no time.

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Melty Snowman Cupcakes

These cupcakes melt away the winter blues. Even if you're not in the Christmas spirit, a top hat made from a peanut butter cup and a chocolate-dipped sandwich cookie will surely cheer you up. Enjoy these Christmas (or wintertime) cupcakes with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold night. The snowmen are already melted, so you might as well warm up.

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Melting Snowman Cocktail

This adorable, adults-only melted snowman treat comes "alive" with a little imagination. Don't worry, this melty cocktail tastes way better than any you're building outside thanks to a generous dollop of whipped cream. Coffee liqueur gives the winter cocktail a jolt of energy.

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Melting snowman a little too sad for you? Keep those Frostys whole for an adorable treat after playing in the snow. Meringue Snowmen provide a crunchy, sugary rush. Or these Stacked Square Snowmen Cookies will make your treat table delicious and festive. And once winter's over, move on to these cute spring desserts.


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