Master Popular Desserts & Breads

Classic Pecan Rolls
Check out our step-by-step guides for making basic cookies, cakes, pies, biscuits, rolls, and all the other essentials. Then add your own festive decorations for the holidays.

Layer Cake

Start with a classic chocolate or vanilla cake, and then decorate it for the holidays with frosting, glitter, candy, or fruit.


This rich and creamy dessert is a holiday classic. Decorate it with candied fruit or chocolate drizzle for the holidays.


Versatile and easy to make, cupcakes turn festive with a few swirls of frosting in holiday colors.


A year-round favorite that's easy to dress up for the holidays, from-scratch brownies are quick to make.

Cookie Dough

You can freeze homemade cookie dough for later or bake it right away -- and then add a holiday twist with icing, edible glitter, or sprinkles.


Juicy winter fruit or rich chocolate tucked inside a tender, flaky piecrust makes the ideal holiday dessert or gift.

Cinnamon Rolls

These gooey rolls are always a hit on Christmas morning -- and you can make the dough ahead and chill overnight.


Fresh, homemade doughnuts make a sweet addition to holiday brunch -- and they take just six steps to make.

Dinner Rolls

These light, no-knead yeast rolls are buttery brown on the outside and tender inside -- ideal for Christmas dinner.


Ideal for brunch or a dinner side, these biscuits are fluffy and light.

Yeast Bread

So many different kinds of yeast breads -- including soft-texture white bread, hearty artisanal breads, mixed-grain loaves, and sourdough -- and delicious sides for holiday dinners.


For something simple and versatile, a muffin is the way to go. It makes a great gift or a quick and easy brunch side.

Pecan Rolls

These gooey rolls travel well, and they're a proven crowd-pleaser at holiday brunches.

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