Turn a bowl full of summer berries into five different adorable desserts by layering a few ingredients into a Mason jar. We’ll show you how to  create each one, so a cute, tasty dessert is never more than a few minutes away.

By Andrea Beck
July 12, 2019

We love Mason jar desserts for so many reasons: They’re individually portioned, adorable, and a delicious way to layer ingredients into mini trifles. Not to mention that you can also take them on the go. To help you take advantage of these cute, convenient treats, we came up with five quick and easy Mason jar dessert recipes using fresh summer berries. (Because who can resist a juicy berry dessert?)

various layered jarred desserts on counter

We used a berry blend of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries for these cute desserts, but you can mix and match depending on your tastes. To bring out the juiciness of the berries, toss them in a small amount of sugar. (No need to measure exactly, just sprinkle on a few spoonfuls.) Stir the berries to evenly coat them or lightly mash them with a potato masher to help extract the juice even quicker. Let the berries sit for a few minutes  to give the sugar a chance to soak in before using them in your dessert.

Cheesecake Jar

When you’re craving cheesecake, you don’t have to break out your springform pan or even stir together a whole no-bake cheesecake recipe. With only a few ingredients, you can make your own in a jar. Layer crushed graham crackers, cheesecake filling (look for it in the cream cheese aisle), and berries, then repeat the layers. (To make your own cheesecake cream, stir together one 8-ounce block of cream cheese, ¼ cup sugar, 1 to 2 Tbsp. sour cream, and ¼ tsp. vanilla.) Once you’ve filled your jar, top with a squirt of whipped topping and a few sprinkles.

Test Kitchen Tip: You can spoon in the cheesecake cream, but if you want more control, spoon the mixture into a plastic bag, snip off one corner, and pipe in the cream like you would frosting.

Shortcake Jar

The sweet, juicy berry mixture shines in this shortcake (or pound cake) jar. For the bottom layer, use cubes of pound cake like we did, tear up a store-bought sponge cake, or make your own shortcake at home. Then add a generous scoop of berries on top. Finish your jar with whipped topping and lemon zest or a curl of lemon peel for a picture-worthy treat.

Parfait Jar

Yogurt, berries, and granola—this trio makes a yummy jarred dessert ... or breakfast. Start by spooning plain yogurt into the bottom of your jar (or pipe it in with a plastic bag), then top with granola and a scoop of berries. Repeat the layers one more time, then finish with a drizzle of honey.

Test Kitchen Tip: The wide array of yogurt flavors means you can constantly change this dessert. To make it a little healthier for breakfast, try Greek yogurt for some extra protein.

Chocolate Pudding Jar

Chocolate-lovers, you’ll want to put this pudding jar at the top of your must-make list. Put a few vanilla wafers into the jar, then use the end of a wooden spoon to crush them (mess-free!). Spoon plenty of premade chocolate pudding on top, then add berries. A swirl of whipped topping and a dusting of chocolate shavings gives your jar an enticing finish.

Berry Pie Jar

Simplify pie with this Mason jar dessert. Fill your jar about a third of the way with berries, then add a layer of crumbled pie crust. For the pie crust layer, you can make your own dough from scratch. Or you can bake a store-bought pie crust with a coating of cinnamon-sugar, then cut or break it into pieces that will fit in the jar. Repeat the berry and pie crust layers and finish with whipped topping and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Whenever you need something sweet, grab a spoon and dig in. If you want something even more decadent, dump the contents into a blender with a few scoops of ice cream; blend until smooth, then enjoy a quick ready-to-drink milkshake. You could even pour your milkshake back into a Mason jar.

Whether you eat it with a spoon or reach for your reusable straw, each of these jarred desserts makes a satisfying snack or an indulgent dessert. For more ideas on ways to use fresh summer berries, we’ve got oodles of berry desserts, berry pies, and even savory berry recipes. And if you end up with more than you can use, learn how to freeze berries for later.


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