Your mission: Think beyond soups and stews and use your multicooker for our best Instant Pot dessert recipes! Everything can be adapted to be an easy Instant Pot dessert, including caramel cheesecake and chocolate lava cake. Sample them all, then attempt to pick a favorite. Mission: Impossible.

By Karla Walsh
Updated March 14, 2019

By now, you’re probably aware that multicookers—Instant Pot brand or otherwise—are masterful at brisket and beef Bourguignon. These easy Instant Pot desserts prove that the versatile appliance truly earns the “multi” moniker. Though we're sticking to the pressure cooker setting for these desserts, they clearly demonstrate the multitude of uses for your Instant Pot.

Pressure Cooker Pots de Crème

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Anything that starts with chocolate and heavy cream is bound to be worth the calorie splurge. A pinch of cinnamon and cayenne push this easy Instant Pot dessert recipe into must-make territory. Employing the pressure cooker function for this spicy twist on the classic French custard treat means far less time stands between you and the first delectable bite compared to the traditional oven method.

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Black Forest Cheesecake

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Chocolate-covered cherry meets New York cheesecake in this easy Instant Pot dessert. The baking time is practically cut in half when you eschew the oven and pressure cook. You’ll love that news, plus the way the chocolate cheesecake crust and dried cherries in the filling echo the cherry pie filling and melted chocolate on top.

Tiramisu Chocolate Marble Cake

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Let them eat cake ... faster! Though you can bake this chocolate-espresso and mascarpone cake in the slow cooker, the pressure cooker delivers more moist, tender, and dense results. The steamed Instant Pot dessert also delivers them two hours quicker.

Caramel-Ginger Wild Rice Pudding

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A multicooker is the most efficient way to prepare rice, quinoa, and other whole grains for meal prep recipes. It’s also the quickest and easiest way to bring bowls of cozy rice pudding to the table. This Instant Pot dessert calls for only 20 minutes of cooking and 15 minutes of pressure release. All that’s left to do is drizzle with caramel sauce, sprinkle on crystallized ginger, and grab a spoon.

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Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

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Dulce de leche, a caramel-like condensed milk confection, is the star of the filling in this quick cheesecake recipe. After it cooks for 40 minutes, get artistic and indulgent by swirling extra dulce de leche and melted chocolate over every slice. Warning: The results are so scrumptious that the entire batch might disappear faster than the cook time.

Pressure Cooker Chocolate Cherry Bread Pudding

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Warm up your night with the best Instant Pot dessert recipe under 200 calories per serving. Whole wheat bread, dried tart cherries, and Greek yogurt add nutrition. High pressure subtracts cooking time. Including prep and cool time, you can have this craveable chocolate bread pudding ready to serve about 90 minutes quicker than our slow cooker chocolate bread pudding.

Pressure Cooker Blueberry French Toast Casserole

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Devour this Instant Pot dessert recipe after dinner, then save any leftovers for brunch. There’s no wrong time to savor this sweet berries and cream creation. Steam it on high pressure for 25 minutes. While it’s cooling for half an hour, stir together the Lemon Mascarpone Cream topping. Multitasking and multicookers can coexist!

Mini Chocolate Orange Lava Cakes

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The molten center. The dense chocolate cake exterior. The lick-the-bowl delicious taste. It’s all here in this easy Instant Pot dessert! The only thing missing? The long countdown to chow down that comes with the oven method. Here, you only need to wait 9 minutes, plus 10 minutes to cool.

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Cider-Poached Pears

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Honey, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom penetrate every bite of the fall fruit when you poach them—pronto—using this Instant Pot dessert recipe. Dump the fruit, spices, and cider into the pot, lock the lid, and cook on high pressure for 5 minutes. Remove the pears, then reduce the sauce to a syrup using the multicooker’s sauté function. That’s it! Unless you want to top with vanilla Greek yogurt or cinnamon ice cream, which we certainly recommend.

Coconut Rice Pudding with Berries

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We have some berry good news for you! A whopping 180 minutes of cook time turns into 10 (yes, really) when you swap the slow cooker instructions for this easy Instant Pot dessert recipe. Also good: This Asian-inspired rice pudding can be topped with fresh or frozen fruit so you can whip it up any day of the year.


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