The New Twinkies Ice Cream Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

Hostess released its limited-edition ice cream line, and it's bringing back blissful childhood memories.
Candy Hunting

Hostess is releasing a new product that will bring out the kid in all of us.

Their flagship treat, Twinkies®, is getting a chilling makeover in the freezer section, a la mode. Yep, that's right, Twinkies® are now a part of a limited-edition Hostess ice cream line. Along with the popular CupCakes and Sno Balls®, Twinkies have been reimagined as an ice cream flavor reminiscent of your favorite after-school snack.

Though the Hostess website leaves little indication to the new treat, fans of the nostalgic brand have already found evidence on shelves. Instagram account Candy Hunting posted several pictures of Hostess ice cream treats already found in stores.

This mind-blowing dessert hybrid is everything we didn't know we wanted. Coming just a few years after Twinkies® were almost extinct, Hostess is feeding our childhood appetite and making it hungry with nostalgia. Warning: You may want to stock up on this sweet treat while you can. According to CSP Daily News, the ice cream will only be at Dollar General and in convenience stores through May. That's just about two months to fill up on an entire childhood's worth of ice cream dreams-come-true!

CSP Daily News says Hostess teamed up with Nestle USA to make the three-part ice cream line. The Twinkies® flavor is made of "sweet buttercream-flavored ice cream, sponge cake pieces, and a vanilla frosting swirl." If the other two flavors follow suit, then they are sure to be a hit.

We know we will be hitting the freezer section more than usual to find this well-kept secret. But then the real challenge is figuring out which flavor to try first! Until then, our sweet tooth will be waiting.


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