With so many delicious options, it can be hard to choose. See if your favorite treat matches your state.


As soon as the weather warms up (or turns blazing hot, in my case), there are few things I want more than ice cream. Grabbing a scoop or two from a local sweet shop is always fun, but there's something particularly nostalgic about getting a frozen treat from the beloved ice cream truck trundling down your street. That merry music filling the air evokes memories of lazy childhood summers when we all literally screamed for ice cream. To celebrate summertime's arrival, the folks at Seaside Vacations explored Google search trends from the past year to create a list of the 24 most popular ice cream truck treats in America. With so many choices, a whopping 17 different types of treats, including classic Bomb Pops, ice cream sammies, and even frozen Spongebob treats made the list.

graphic of top ice cream treats by state on united states map
Credit: Courtesy of Seaside Vacations

The Most Popular Ice Cream Truck Treats in America

So what do you choose when you get to the window? Apparently, America favors the Klondike Bar above the rest with nine states selecting the chocolate-covered treat as their top pick. Firecracker ice pops and Choco Tacos tied for second place in eight states each. Five states chose ice cream sandwiches for the third spot, followed by lemon ice and Fudgsicles. From there, a sprinkling of other frozen treats, including Bomb Pops and Drumsticks, are one or two state's winning choices. Here are the most popular ice cream truck treats in every state plus D.C.

Alabama: Firecracker

Alaska: Drumstick

Arizona: Choco Taco

Arkansas: Lemon Ice

California: Push-up Pop

Colorado: Creamsicle

Connecticut: Drumstick

District of Columbia: Firecracker

Delaware:  Ice cream sandwich

Florida: Firecracker

Georgia: Firecracker

Hawaii: Crunch Bar

Idaho: Klondike Bar

Illinois: Fudgsicle

Indiana: Choco Taco

Iowa: Bomb Pop

Kansas: Choco Taco

Kentucky: Klondike Bar

Louisiana: Screwball

Maine: Ice cream sandwich

Maryland: Klondike Bar

Massachusetts: Fudgsicle

Michigan: Choco Taco

Mississippi: Lemon ice

Minnesota: Malt Cup

Missouri: Choco Taco

Montana: Firecracker

Nebraska: Klondike Bar

Nevada: Choco Taco

New Hampshire: King Cone

New Jersey: Chipwich

New Mexico: Firecracker

New York: Spongebob ice cream pop

North Carolina: Klondike Bar

North Dakota: Ice cream sandwich

Ohio: Klondike Bar

Oklahoma: Snow cone

Oregon: Ice cream sandwich

Pennsylvania: Choco Taco

Rhode Island: Lemon Ice

South Carolina:  Ice cream sandwich

South Dakota: Bomb Pop

Tennessee: Firecracker

Texas: Firecracker

Utah: Choco Taco

Vermont: Klondike Bar

Virginia: Choco Taco

Washington: Fudgsicle

West Virginia: Klondike Bar

Wisconsin: Lemon ice

Wyoming: Creamsicle

No ice cream trucks to chase? Cool off right at home. Make ice cream, nondairy ice cream, or popsicles from scratch, all of which have their own kind of charm.


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