Here's the Easy Way to Make Homemade Ice Cream Using Just a Plastic Bag

We're surprised this actually worked.
Image courtesy of Todd's Kitchen

Remember the old-fashioned hand crank ice cream machine? Your family might have used it (maybe twice a year), but it made the freshest ice cream you've ever tasted.

The problem, however, was how long it took to churn the creamy mixture into a frozen treat!

As it turns out, there was a simpler way all along. And all you needed was some plastic bags.

Popular YouTube channel Todd's Kitchen features a video that shows us how to make ice cream using only three ingredients and takes only 8-10 minutes! We can't get over how simple this is!

Step 1

Image courtesy of Todd's Kitchen

Pour cream, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar in a re-sealable plastic bag. Make sure you push out all the air before sealing it. Prevent leaking by doubling up on the plastic bags.

Step 2

Image courtesy of Todd's Kitchen

Fill a larger plastic bag halfway with ice and a few tablespoons of salt.

Step 3

Image courtesy of Todd's Kitchen

Put the bag with the creamy mixture in with the ice and seal it shut.

Step 4

Image courtesy of Todd's Kitchen

Here's the fun part! Shake the bag until the ice cream thickens. This should take about eight minutes.

When you're satisfied with the consistency, open up the bags and dig in! This is a great activity to try with the kids in your life. Plus, all that shaking will have you working up an appetite!

Check out the video from Todd's Kitchen below:


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