13 Boozy Frozen Treats to Finish Off Your Summer Right

We're desperately clinging to summer for as long as we can, and these 13 boozy treats are our life rafts.

1. Fun in Jalisco Cocktail

The mesmerizing aqua-blue swirls of this frozen concoction from Stir and Strain are legitimately channeling tropical waters. If we can't be on a beach, then we'll make this cocktail and pretend, OK? Pineapple and lime juices, frozen watermelon, blue curacao, and tequila are topped off with a coconut foam that is blowing our minds. Oh, and a dusting of edible glitter stars doesn't hurt the mood, either.

2. Cucumber Margarita Ice Pops

Thanks to Garlic My Soul, we can have our margaritas and eat them, too. This ice pop recipe combines the traditional flavors of tequila and lime, and then cools them off with a bit of fresh summer cucumber and mint. We're not saying you have to kick back in a hammock while eating these, but we're definitely going to judge you if you don't.

3. Single Malt Cereal Milk Shake

Okay, WHAT?! This recipe from Fern + Shaker has left us momentarily speechless. It's a milkshake, with whiskey and breakfast cereal. Not just any breakfast cereal, but our favorite -- rainbow-marshmallow breakfast cereal. The whole thing has us feeling like kids on the very first day of summer break. And also...since it's got cereal in it...this means we can have it for breakfast, right? Seems logical.

4. White Nectarine Frose

This has definitely been the summer of frose, and we intend to make it endless. Because frozen rose is everything! This recipe from Drinking with Chickens takes the summer vibes up a notch by adding fresh, seasonal white nectarines. Pretty cocktail glasses are great and everything, but a straw put directly into the blender pitcher is more efficient. We know from experience.

Image by Very Sarie.

5. Chocolate Stout Shake

Chocolate. Ice cream. Pretzels. Beer. The four major food groups, all in one majestic milkshake. Get the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

6. Strawberry + Watermelon Rose Ice Pops

There is just something about a ice pop that makes us feel like summer is going to last forever. The rose and blood orange liqueur in these ice pops from Holly and Flora will, at least, help you forget that it doesn't. Add in some seasonal strawberries plus lime, watermelon, and agave syrup, and these boozy treats become some of the prettiest we've ever laid eyes on.

7. Grapefruit Gin Cocktail Shakes

There's so much summer goodness happening in these shakes that we don't even know where to start. Gin and juice gets an overhaul for warm-weather drinking by mixing fresh pink grapefruit juice, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sorbet, and of course, a little gin. Get the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

8. The Frozen Blood and Sand Cocktail

This frozen twist on the traditional Blood and Sand cocktail from Stir and Strain is all about the blood orange. But it is so much more than just some pretty juice. It's a complex blend of whisky, sweet vermouth, orange liqueur, bitters, and sanguine cherry syrup. If anything is going to do it, this drink will ease us ever-so-gently into fall.

9. Triple Berry Wine Slush

Sometimes it feels as if red wine is not refreshing enough for a hot summer day. (Don't you dare put ice cubes in that wine! Don't you do it!) But if you mix red wine into a batch of frozen sangria, it is the very definition of refreshment. This recipe from The Cookie Rookie creates a gorgeous, spoonable slush from frozen berries, frozen red wine, and ginger ale.

10. Pina Colada

We don't want to lead you astray: It's just not summer without a traditional Pina Colada. This beautiful recipe from Fern + Shaker deserves all the cocktail umbrellas. Every last one of them.

11. Sparkling Rose Blueberry Float

Blueberry granita is the base for this decadent dessert drink, but why stop there? Coconut gelato, honey, fresh blueberries, fresh basil leaves, and sparkling rose just make perfect sense. We'll be out drinking this amazing concoction on the back deck under the party lights, if you need us. Get the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

12. Snow Cone Martini for Grown-Ups

Don't let summer slip by without a snow cone. And while you're at it, add some vodka and melon liqueur, put it in a martini glass, and be a little fancy. Get the recipe from Better Homes & Gardens.

13. Strawberry Rose Sorbet

If your sorbet doesn't have wine in it, you're doing it wrong. Strawberry and rose sorbet makes us so darned happy. Get the recipe from Lark & Linen.

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