German chocolate cake is one of those classic recipes that everyone should know how to make. Of course, if you’ve already mastered the original, we have plenty of other German chocolate recipes for you to try. Preheat your oven and spend the afternoon sampling German chocolate cookies, German chocolate brownies, and more!

By Andrea Beck
Updated: December 10, 2018

If you think German chocolate desserts are limited to cake, think again. The combination of chocolate, coconut, and pecan is so good that we can’t resist using it to bake up batches of other irresistible treats like German chocolate cookies and German chocolate cupcakes. Save these recipes for a special celebration or anytime you’re craving German chocolate.

1. German Chocolate Cupcakes

German chocolate cupcakes are SO impressive, they must be for a special occasion! The frosting and toppings on these German chocolate cupcakes tower almost as high as a full-on layer cake. If you want to speed up the process a little, start with a boxed cake mix, then decorate with a sky-high layer of chocolate-pecan frosting, caramel drizzle, and shaved coconut.

Get the recipe: German Chocolate Cupcakes

2. German Chocolate Cake

This German chocolate cake recipe is one everyone should always have at the ready. It’s two layers of moist chocolate cake, coconut-pecan frosting, and utter deliciousness. Serve up this tasty cake for a birthday or any celebration that calls for a decadent slice of dessert.

Get the recipe: German Chocolate Cake

3. German Chocolate and Caramel Brownies

It’s no surprise that German chocolate brownies are just as good as cake! Of course, since they start with a packaged German chocolate cake mix, they’ll still be just as rich as a full slice of cake. But the best part of these brownies is that the other goodies—caramel, chocolate pieces, coconut, and pecans—are mixed right in with the batter!

Get the recipe: German Chocolate and Caramel Brownies

4. Crispy Chocolate Chewies

This German chocolate recipe makes deliciously crispy cookies, but some of the ingredients might surprise you. It starts out with a boxed cake mix! Turn German chocolate cake mix into cookies with just a handful of other ingredients and a quick bake in the oven. Top each cookie with coconut-pecan frosting and flaked coconut, then get your glass of milk ready to go.

Get the recipe: Crispy Chocolate Chewies

5. Pecan-Laced German Chocolate Cake

If pecans are what you love most about German chocolate desserts, then this cake is for you! Not only are crispy pecans sprinkled on top and between each layer, but they’re folded into the cake batter, too. We can’t think of anything better with rich chocolate cake and coconut frosting than triple the pecans!

Get the recipe: Pecan-Laced German Chocolate Cake

6. German Chocolate Crunch Bars

Give plain crispy cereal treats an easy upgrade by turning them into a German chocolate dessert. Mix the usual rice cereal with baking chocolate, coconut-pecan frosting, and a dash of coconut extract. Then top off each bar with flaked coconut and toasted pecans for an easy German chocolate recipe you’ll make again and again.

Get the recipe: German Chocolate Crunch Bars

7. Chewy Chocolate Caramel Bars

You’ll love this German chocolate bar so much that you'll want to reach for another one. The base of these tasty bar cookies is easy to make, thanks to boxed German chocolate cake mix, so you can focus your energy on the toppings. Gooey caramel sauce, chopped walnuts, and chocolate chips all help make this yummy dessert recipe completely irresistible.

Get the recipe: Chewy Chocolate Caramel Bars

8. German Chocolate Cookies

If you want a taste of German chocolate, you don’t have to bake an entire cake. Just settle for a batch of cookies instead! This German chocolate recipe makes enough chocolate cookies to share (or not), with a topping of chopped pecans and flaked coconut. If you’re not a fan of frosting, German chocolate cookies just might become your new favorite treat!

Get the recipe: German Chocolate Cookies

9. German Chocolate Wafer Cookies

When you’re not in the mood to bake but crave a German chocolate dessert, this recipe is a lifesaver. Even better, you’ll only need three ingredients! Start with chocolate creme-filled sandwich cookies, then dip each one in melted chocolate frosting. Top with coconut and pecan frosting, and this easy dessert is ready to satisfy all of your German chocolate cravings.

Get the recipe: German Chocolate Wafer Cookies



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