This Cooking Hack Turns Caramel Apples Inside Out!

A freaky spin on a favorite fall treat.
Image courtesy of Better Half Weddings

Caramel apples are the seasonal treat we wish we could have year-round.

The crisp citrus apple--matched with sticky sweet caramel--is an undeniably delicious combination that everyone can agree on. Another thing that comes to mind: the mess.

The last time you bit into a caramel apple, you probably got a sticky face and fingers. Or, you were just a few bites in and wanted to save the rest, but couldn't. As delicious as caramel apples are, there really is no good way to eat them. Until now that is...

We found a genius new way to enjoy your favorite Fall treat that involves little effort and even less mess. A blogger at Better Half Weddings shows how she made inside out caramel apple slices, and we can't wait to try them!

Step 1

Image courtesy of Better Half Weddings

Halve the apples and scoop out the inside. Leave a wall of about 1/4 inch thick. Squeeze lemon juice onto the fruit to prevent browning.

Step 2

Image courtesy of Better Half Weddings

Pat the apples dry with a paper towel and pour the homemade caramel sauce into the hollowed-out apples.

Step 3

Image courtesy of Better Half Weddings

Let the apples sit in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes, or until caramel has set. Cut into slices and serve.

These bite-sized beauties are perfect to serve at a party. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your creativity, not to mention they won't get a sticky mess all over their nice clothes!


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