Strawberry Dippers: 10 to Try

There are countless ways to dress up this luscious summer fruit. For our favorite dipping ideas, start here.

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    Red Delicious

    Dip berries in melted red or pink confectioner's coating for a sugary treat that's hard to resist.

    Tip: For best results, ensure that strawberries are completely dry before dipping. Use a paper towel to gently blot berries until there's no excess moisture.

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    Sugar and Cream Dream

    For a savory-sweet treat, dip berries in sour cream, then in brown sugar.

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    Cocktail Time

    This salty-sweet combo of mixed nuts and melted chocolate is hard to beat.

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    Perfect Pairing

    For a creative potluck treat, try this fresh idea. Dip one side of the berry in white chocolate first, then dip the other side in dark chocolate.

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    Adorable Strawberry Ideas

    Time to take a dip. These four ideas will amp up your berry's status from boring to beautiful. 

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    A.M. Pleaser

    Jazz up breakfast with this hearty treat. Dip the berry in your favorite yogurt, then in a mixture of granola (or cereal) and dried fruit.

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    Lemon Supreme

    Put a tart-sweet twist on fresh strawberries by dipping them in creamy lemon curd, then freshly shredded lemon peel.

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    Peppery Finale

    For a tangy twist, try dipping strawberries in honey then salt and cracked black pepper.

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    Mojito Berry

    This dipper is ultra refreshing. Dip berries in a mixture of honey and lime juice, then in coarse sugar and snipped fresh mint.

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    Taffy Berry

    For a so simple (and delicious) dessert, try dipping berries in melted caramels. Tight on time? Rich caramel ice cream topping also works well.

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    Island Delight

    For a tropical treat, dip strawberries in buttery vanilla frosting, then in crunchy toasted coconut.

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