Citrus and Lemon Desserts

Zesty citrus fruits add extra bright and tangy flavor to any sweet treat. We've compiled our favorite citrus desserts for you to try, including grapefruit, orange, lime, and lemon desserts.

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    Orange-Ginger Ricotta Tart

    This spectacular citrus dessert balances mild ricotta cheese with tangy orange and ginger. Top with zesty marmalade and fresh fruit slices to impress your guests—we promise it's worth the effort!

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    Strawberry-Lemon Bars

    Lemon bars, a potluck crowd favorite, get a sensational update with a double dose of strawberries. A strawberry jelly glaze and freshly cut strawberries add an elegant, tasty touch.

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    Fresh Rosemary and Lemon Cupcakes

    Rosemary adds a touch of savory to the these fragrant, fruity cupcakes. An easy lemon glaze takes this lemon dessert from simple to sassy.

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    Broiled Grapefruit Tart

    Finely crushed cookies add buttery goodness to every bite of this tart's easy crust recipe. Sugar-dusted grapefruit slices atop marmalade get a touch of smoky flavor when broiled—and the display looks as good as it tastes!

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    Lemonade Cake

    We captured the essence of your favorite summery drink and put it into a sunshiny cake that's quick, easy, and perfect for any get-together. The secret? Frozen lemonade concentrate adds a jolt of tartness that is balanced out by a creamy butter frosting.

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    How to Make Lemon Lime Bars

    Watch as one of our editors shows just how easy it is to make these irresistible lime and lemon bars. This scrumptious citrus dessert serves 32, perfect for sharing with friends or guests.

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    Key Lime Coins

    Infuse cookie coins with key lime flavoring by adding lime juice and lime peel to your dough. Toss your still-warm coins in powdered sugar for a special finishing touch.

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    Shaker-Style Lemon Pie

    Meyer lemons add their signature sweetness to our make-ahead lemon pie. Peeled lemon slices are folded into the chilled filling, adding unexpected bursts of citrus.

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    Blood Orange Bars

    Juicy blood oranges add refreshing flavor to these citrusy bars.The enticing color and taste of the zesty fruit takes these citrus bars to the next level.

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    Lime-Infused Coconut Pound Cake

    There's something delightfully tropical about pairing coconut and lime. We love the combination in this spongy pound cake—lime juice and coconut fill the cake, while a homemade lime icing adds a citrusy kick.

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    Orange-Basil Sorbet

    Bold basil and zesty orange team up for first-rate results in this homemade sorbet recipe. This chilled treat is perfect for cooling off after a hot day or simply indulging in a guilt-free dessert.

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    Triple-Citrus Pound Cake

    Grapefruit, lime, and orange bring triple the amount of delicious citrus to this moist and airy pound cake. Use orange juice to add a hint of zest to the powdered sugar icing drizzled on top.

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    Pecan-Crusted Mojito Bars

    Love the fresh taste of mint and lime together? Then you're sure to enjoy these mojito-inspired light and buttery dessert bars.

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    Lemon Tassies

    Cave in to your cravings with one of our petite treats. These one-bite delights get double the flavor when paired with a sweet-tart lemon filling and topped with lemon peel strips.

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    Ginger Broil

    We're obsessed with this divine dessert and you should be too—it's incredibly delicious and takes just five minutes to make! Simply broil ginger and brown sugar-sprinkled grapefruit slices and top with a dollop of yogurt.

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    Lemony Glazed Shortbread Bars

    Add delicious citrus accents to these shortbread bars with a sweet lemon glaze. Refreshing lemon perfectly balances the rich and buttery white chocolate shortbread.

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    Lemon-Blackberry Mini Tarts

    A cream cheese and lemon curd filling is topped with fresh blackberries in this elegant citrus dessert. Garnish with a sprig of mint for added refreshing flavor.

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    Limoncello Semifreddo with Raspberry Sauce

    Semifreddo, literally meaning "half cold," refers to desserts served chilled. Our limoncello version highlights the classic Italian liqueur as well as several contrasting tastes and textures such as white chocolate, raspberries, and almonds.

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    Miniature Orange-Cranberry Cakes

    Amp up dessert with our citrus-infused baby cakes. Zesty oranges and flavorful cranberries take simple and straightforward pound cake to the next level.

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    Lemon-Pistachio Bites

    Frozen puff pastry streamlines the preparation of these lemon curd bite-size puffs. Pistachio nuts add extra crunch and nutty flavor to the mix.

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