3 Clafoutis Recipes for a Flan-Like Dessert with a French Twist

Fruit plus an egg and cream batter equals an easy, fancy-looking dessert.

If you can't resist a custard-like dessert such as flan and mousse (I know I can't!), prepare to meet your favorite dessert ideas ever in this collection of clafoutis recipes. Clafoutis, pronounced klah-foo-tee (the "s" is silent, and many times omitted from the spelling) is a French dessert with a sweet, flan-like filling. While a black cherry clafoutis is likely the most traditional flavor, there are many other clafoutis batter stir-ins that make for irresistible, noteworthy desserts. Change up your fruit of choice based on what's in season—berries in the summer, pears in the fall—using these clafoutis recipe ideas. Though they are desserts, the use of fruit and eggs makes it feel like I could make one as a breakfast or brunch idea when I want to start my morning on a sweet note. You have my permission to eat them any time.

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Almond-Pear Clafoutis

Almond-Pear Clafouti
Andy Lyons

For clafoutis cravings in the fall months, this pear clafoutis should be your go-to autumn dessert. Start by cooking fresh pears in hot butter until nicely tender. Combine those with a sweet, vanilla-infused egg-and-cream batter topped with almonds to create a stunning dessert that requires only 25 minutes of prep time.

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Raspberry-Peach Clafoutis

Raspberry-Peach Clafouti in white bowl
Karla Conrad

How do you make a peach clafoutis recipe feel even more summery? By adding fresh in-season berries, naturally. Raspberries star here, though any berry would pair wonderfully with peaches. After baking and cooling slightly, sprinkle with powdered sugar and fresh basil—cut chiffonade for the fanciest presentation—for a light and pretty garnish.

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Favorite Fruit Clafoutis

Favorite Fruit Clafouti
Scott Little

This customizable clafoutis stars your favorite berry choice (or choices, you could use all three) with your favorite fruit liqueur. Here nonfat yogurt is substituted for the traditional heavy cream for an equally thick and creamy dessert under 200 calories and with only 2 grams of fat.

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