10 Surprising Things to Do with Apples

An apple a day gets boring real fast. Opt for a new take on the fruity orb with our collection of apple recipes starring Fuji, Jonathan, Braeburn, and, of course, good ol' Granny Smith apples.

Apples, Reinvented

Picture the grocer's display now: A full row of juicy, crisp apples taunting you with their possibilities. Bet you've never put them in pasta or simmered them in soup...until today.

#1: Cook into Pie Pops

Um, adorable. Apple pie is A-OK, but it's got nothing on sucker-style apple pops.

#2: Use in a Pasta Bake

This mac-and-apples-and-cheese bake is crazy good. You wouldn't even be embarrassed to serve it for a fine dinner -- it's that delicious.

#3: Bake into a Cookie

There's one apple in this batch of 36 cookies, but we don't recommend eating the whole tray to get to your apple-a-day quota.

#4: Enjoy with Alcohol

Granny Smiths do the legwork in this crisp granita. Strawberry margaritas regularly get all the glory, but this late entry into the drink arena deserves a look -- or, in this case, a pour.

#5: Puree into Hummus

Apples are regularly the dippers. Turn things upside down by pureeing a sweet apple variety with garbanzo beans for a new way to snack.

#6: Shred into a Breakfast Patty

We've pulled out all the low-fat stops: apples for oil, turkey for ground beef, and spices for add-ins. We tried to keep it to 100 calories, but at 101 we don't think you'll be disappointed.

#7: Simmer into Soup

Midwesterners have already discovered the joys of apple pie with cheddar cheese. Translate the pairing to a creamy soup: Sharp cheddar provides the savory base, a chopped cooking apple serves as the sweet kicker.

#8: Move Apples into the Main Dish

Polish up a Granny Smith for service in a crisp couscous that's made to complement sirloin steak. Hearty, crunchy, sweet, tangy -- yep, you're covered.

#9: Slice onto a Burger

Apples do double duty in this delicious mouthful: A finely chopped apple improves the patty; a sliced apple adds crunch to the stacker.

#10: Bake into Cinnamon Rolls

You already knew that apple and cinnamon were friends; now you know they go great together in homemade breakfast rolls.

Bonus Recipe: Improve Slices as a Snack

You could just cut up apple slices ... or you could cut apple rings, top them with cream cheese, honey, Gorgonzola, and candied walnuts.

You're welcome.

Bonus Recipe: Pair with Sausage in a Pasta Dish

Braeburn apples are having a moment alongside salty smoked sausage in this rigatoni dish you can make in 25 minutes.

Bonus Recipe: Bake atop Bread

Apple butter is a common bread spread; here we keep apples in their natural state as a sweet, crumbly topper.

Apple Types

Familiarize yourself with the stars of this show.

1. Golden Delicious: Sweet, firm, and juicy. Good raw or baked.

2. Rome: Crisp, firm, and slightly tart.
Holds its shape well when cooked.

3. Fuji: Crisp and juicy with a mild bite. Tasty when eaten fresh or good in homemade applesauce.

4. Red Delicious: Juicy, slightly tart, with a tough skin. Eat fresh (it breaks down and loses flavor when cooked).

5. Pink Lady Sweet-tart flavor in a firm, crisp package. Great fresh or baked.

6. Granny Smith Crisp and tart. An all-purpose apple especially popular for applesauce and juice.

7. Empire: Very crisp and juicy with a sweet-tart finish. Eat fresh or use in cider. Loses its texture in pie and applesauce.

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