Desserts WITH Candy: It's Two Desserts at Once

Easy Monster Cookie Bars
Have your cake and eat a candy bar, too! This list has desserts with candy—and brownies and cookies and cake—for every sweet tooth.

Mini Layer Cakes

We’re not sure what we love the most about this dessert—the spicy chocolate cake, the luscious cream cheese frosting, or the adorable jelly bean design on top. Unlike regular cupcakes, these yummy desserts are turned into mini layer cakes with an extra layer of frosting in the middle. You can make any design you want on top, but we can’t get enough of these cute jelly bean flowers!

Almost Like Peanut Butter Cups Bars

If peanut butter cups are your go-to candy when you’re craving cocoa, then these bars are for you. With creamy peanut butter and melted milk chocolate, these dessert bars taste just like your favorite confection. Of course, it helps to top them off with a handful of chopped chocolate and peanut butter candies, too.

Holiday Cookie Pizza

You don’t have to wait for the holidays to make this decadent cookie pizza, but it’s certainly worthy of a special celebration. After all, a giant sugar cookie covered with melted peanut butter and chocolate is surely worthy of fanfare. Decorate this dessert with any color of chocolate candies and sprinkles—you can easily customize to make this treat festive and fitting year-round!

Leftover Halloween Candy Cookie Bars

Got a lot of leftover candy hanging around? We have just the recipe for you! Instead of letting extra candy go to waste (although we doubt it would), mix all of your favorite chocolate candies together in these easy cookie bars. It’s a savvy way to transform leftover candy into a new treat, all while putting a tasty twist on traditional bar cookies!

Lemon Drop Bark

Get a little taste of something sour with your sweets by making this melt-in-your-mouth candy bark recipe. You only need four ingredients (vanilla candy coating, white chocolate, crushed lemon drops, and chopped macadamia nuts) and 20 minutes to make this super-speedy recipe. Pucker up!

Pot-of-Gold Rainbow Cake

You might not be able to spot the candy used in this cake right away, but as soon as you cut the first slice, you won’t be able to miss it. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (or any day that calls for a candy-filled cake) by baking this gorgeous rainbow cake with gold candy-coated chocolate balls tucked away inside. For other occasions, you can try using multicolored candies or brightly colored sprinkles for a piñata effect.

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Flowers

Who knew that chocolate candies could make such adorable edible flowers? Luckily, you don’t have to wait for April showers to bring these treats to your plate. Just melt candy coating wafers on top of pretzels, then start creating flowery patterns with colorful chocolate candies.

Dark Chocolate Candy Bark

No matter what your favorite candy bar is, it has a place in this easy candy bark recipe. And if you’re like us and a have a few different favorites, this giftable dessert is a great for enjoying a little taste of all of them at once. Just melt a mix of dark and milk chocolate, then mix in chopped pieces of your favorite chocolate candy bars. If this recipe doesn’t satisfy your chocolate cravings, nothing will!

Maraca Cookies

Shake, shake, shake these cookies whenever you’ve got something to celebrate! These super-cute maraca cookies are filled with tiny candies and sprinkles, which makes a fun surprise when you break them open to eat. You can easily make the cookies multicolor by adding a little bit of food coloring to portions of the dough, then rolling it out into stripes.

Edible Terrariums

There’s no limit to the ways you can decorate these adorable mini terrariums! Chocolate candy rocks and mushrooms go a long way toward bringing this mug cake to life, and plants and shrubs piped with green frosting only make your terrarium more realistic. You can also experiment with adding in different candies to create different scenes—try poking a few gummy worms or other gummy creepy crawlies out of the cake like real earthworms.

Geode Cake Pops

These geode cake pops are just as stunning as the real thing! Start with a simple cake pop recipe, then carve out a tiny slice on one side. Rock candy makes these treats look like geological wonders, and you can create your own geode in any color you want.

Marshmallow Treat Turkey Dessert

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about pie, as these cute candy-decorated treats prove. In just under an hour, you can dress up marshmallow treats with a handful of candy to make gobbling turkeys fit for the big feast. Decorating the turkeys with candy corn, chocolate candy pieces, and chocolate-covered sunflower seeds is a great activity for keeping the little ones occupied until dinnertime!

Kitty Cupcake Cones

While baking these cupcakes inside ice cream cones definitely makes them stand out, that’s not the only thing that makes these cool cats special. Use a variety of different candies like licorice, jelly beans, and candy corn to make super-cute kitty faces on top of each treat. You can also try turning them into spooky black cats for Halloween by using chocolate frosting.

Octopus Cake

There’s nothing better than chewy fruit leather strips for giving this octopus wiggly tentacles. And you can make this unique cake even better by decorating the octopus body with brightly colored fruit candies. This cake is great for any party with kids—they’ll love decorating this cake almost as much as eating it!

Gumball Machine Cake

This cute cake will transport you straight back to childhood (and it won’t cost 25 cents, either!). It’s easier than you think to turn this double-decker cake into an adorable gumball machine, especially when you get decorating help from a few different candies. Press gumballs into the frosting to “fill” your gumball machine, and use a toothpick to carve the price into a large chocolate square.

Candy Bar Donut Pop

This recipe combines three of our favorite treats into one—candy bars, donuts, and cake pops—all with just 3 ingredients! Dress up plain donut holes by dipping them in melted chocolate frosting, then sprinkle with chopped pieces of your go-to candy bar. Serve on a stick just like cake pops, and these super-fast treats are ready to party!

Candy Cupcakes

Whether it’s Halloween or just a special celebration, candy is a great tool for turning ordinary cupcakes into super-sweet masterpieces. You can use any candy you have on hand to make these cute designs—if Halloween is just around the corner, try using candy corn to make a spiky, spooky treat. You can also use colorful chocolate candies to make stripy designs or malted milk balls for a polka-dotted dessert.

Flower Power Cake

Almost any kind of candy can make a gorgeous flower decoration on cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. To give this cake its flower power, we used gumdrops and sour green straw candy to make petals and winding stems. To really bring this cake to life, try cutting a few green gumdrops into leaf shapes to make your flowers even more realistic.

Easy Monster Cookie Bars

You can’t make monster cookies without adding candy, and these cookie bars are no different. Add plenty of candy-coated milk chocolate pieces to the batter along with regular chocolate chips, peanuts, and rolled oats so every bite is chock-full of goodies. If you really want to make these bars special, you could experiment with adding in other chocolate candies.

Red Hot Sugar Cookies

Candy and cookies? Count us in! Of course, not all candy has to be sweet, which is where these red cinnamon candies come in. Lightly press them into sugar cookies just before baking for a dessert that tastes both sweet and a little spicy. Heart-shape sugar cookies with red candies are great for Valentine’s Day, but you can also change up the cookie shape to enjoy them any time of the year.

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