Desserts WITH Candy -- It's Two Desserts at Once

Have your cake and eat a candy bar too! From brownies to cookies to fudge, this list has desserts with candy for every sweet tooth.

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    Loaded Kit Kat Peanut Butter Brownies

    Peanut butter cups meet Kit Kats in this delectable treat. You'll want to cut the brownies into small pieces so they'll last longer!

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    Buried Reese's Cookies

    Chewy, chocolaty cookies are topped with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and buried in chocolate frosting. The best peanut butter surprise you will ever have!

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    Twix Brownies

    Perfectly chewy chocolate brownies are loaded with chunks of Twix bars and drizzled with gooey caramel. A decadent treat for any caramel lover!

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    Snickers Cheesecake Cake

    Four layers of chocolate cake, peanut butter cheesecake, peanut butter frosting, caramel, salted peanuts, chocolate ganache, and chopped Snickers bars. This cake is over the top and knows it!

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    Ferrero Rocher Deep-Dish Skillet Brownie Cookie

    The elegance of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in the form of a brownie/cookie. This dessert is fudgy on the inside, crispy on the outside, and stuffed with all things hazelnut.

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    Candy-Containing Popcorn Balls

    Here's how to make popcorn balls studded with your favorite candy pieces any time of year!

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    Cookies and Cream Red Velvet Brownies

    Red velvet never looked so good. This bright dessert is layered with Oreo cookies and cookies and cream Kisses. The minutes spent waiting for them to cool will be the longest of your life.

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    Peppermint Patty Stuffed Chocolate Cookies

    Rich chocolate cookies with a peppermint surprise inside. Peppermint and chocolate never tasted so good!

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    Gooey Turtle Brownie Pie

    This graham cracker-crusted brownie is laced with Turtles candy clusters and pecans, then topped with caramel and chocolate. This is the ultimate in comfort desserts!

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    Mini Candy Bar White Chocolate Fudge

    Why not take oodles of mini candy bars and stuff them into creamy white chocolate fudge? This treat won't last long with a crowd!

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    Mars Bar Bundt

    This rich chocolate Bundt cake is baked with an abundance of Mars bar chunks and topped with even more chocolate and Mars bar chunks. Get the milk out for this one!

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