Dessert Pizza Recipes: Serve Up Sweets by the Slice

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You won't need a fork and knife for these desserts: Grab a slice! We combined an all-time favorite food with all of our sugary cravings, and these sweet dessert pizza recipes are the result. And these pizzas aren't just sugar cookie crusts and fresh fruit toppings, either. Think brownies, frosting, candy, s'mores, and even strawberry shortcake. Are you reaching for a slice yet?

Shortbread Pizza Cookie

Berries and cream, toffee crunch, caramel-coconut … The possibilities for dressing up this shortbread cookie pizza are almost endless. You can even bake chocolate or nuts into the crust!

Dessert Fruit Pizza

You'd better have your pizza cutter handy. This classic dessert pizza will disappear almost as fast as you can slice it! It starts with a traditional sugar cookie crust and finishes with piles of fresh fruit and a cream cheese spread. Is it time for dessert yet?

Dessert Pizza with Banana Ice Cream

When cool cravings set in, grab a slice of this banana ice cream pizza instead of reaching for the ice cream scoop. A rice cereal crust and favorite fresh fruit toppings make this a dessert you can indulge in guilt-free.

S'mores Brownie Pizza

No campfire? No worries. Bring your s'mores inside. Bake brownie mix in a pizza pan, then top with chocolate-hazelnut spread, mini marshmallows, bear-shape graham crackers, and mini peanut butter cups. These no-mess s'mores are even better than the real thing.

Mini Berry Pizzas

If you want to skip the slices, bake up a batch of sugar cookies and frost with luscious cream cheese frosting. Let everyone go to work creating their personal dessert pizza masterpiece!

Rosemary-Strawberry Shortcake Pizza

Strawberry shortcake, meet dessert pizza. It may not be served in traditional slices, but the juicy strawberries and fluffy whipped cream topping these shortcake pizza bites are as delicious when eaten with a spoon.

Rainbow Fruit Pizza

You don't have to wait for rain showers to catch a glimpse of this rainbow. It can appear on your table in just over an hour. Baking the sugar cookie crust into a rainbow shape might seem miraculous, but the real magic comes from the rows of rainbow fruit slices.

Brownie Pizza

Turn a package of brownie mix into a chocolate-lover's dream dessert by baking it in a pizza pan. What makes these brownies worthy of being called dessert pizza? The rich topping of chopped candy bars, nuts, and chocolate chips.

Candied Apple Pizza

No more waiting for fall to satisfy your candy apple cravings. Crunch on them year-round thanks to this dessert pizza. A quick drizzle of caramel adds the right amount of sticky sweetness.

Tortilla Dessert Pizzas

No baking required for this sweet and spicy recipe. Grill peach slices and tortillas, then add a generous drizzle of dulce de leche. To keep this dessert from becoming a little too sweet, we added a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to give it some kick.

Peanut Butter Pizza

When we say peanut butter pizza, we mean it: This decadent recipe has peanut butter baked into the crust. And if that doesn't have you convinced, the indulgent chocolate and peanut butter frosting should do the trick.

Holiday Cookie Pizza

Just because this sugar cookie pizza looks like it was made for Easter doesn't mean you can't enjoy it year-round. The creamy peanut butter and chocolate topping is perfect for any occasion. Your favorite seasonal candy turns this into a Valentine's Day, Halloween, or even Christmas-ready pizza!

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