Cuuuuute Watermelon Dessert Ideas

Watermelon-lovers, these dessert recipes were created just for you! Whether they're filled with the juicy, fruity flavor or just look identical to this favorite melon, we can't get enough of these adorable treats. Get ready, because these watermelon sweets are going to completely take over summer!

Nothing says summer quite like watermelon! We’re celebrating this favorite summertime fruit with some of the most adorable recipes we’ve ever made. Think watermelon ice pops, watermelon sorbet, and even watermelon cake! As an added bonus, a few of these desserts can be made year-round, so if you’re missing watermelon in the middle of winter, one of our super cute look-a-like desserts just might tide you over until they’re back in season.

1. Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon sorbet just might be the most refreshing dessert you taste this summer. Use juicy watermelon slices and fresh raspberries to give the sorbet its stunning color and deliciously fruity flavor, then pull this chilly dessert out of your freezer on the hottest days of summer. But the fun doesn’t stop there—if you want to put your watermelon rind to good use, hollow out one half of the fruit, then serve scoops of sorbet inside. You can even carve a word or short phrase into the rind to make this recipe even more Instagram-worthy.

2. The Watermelon Cake That Will Win Summer

From the outside this dessert looks just like a towering layer cake, but once you cut the first slice, you’ll see it’s actually a watermelon! Cut the rind off of an entire watermelon, then shape it a little more to look like a cake. Once it’s covered in whipped topping and finished with fruit slices on top, this dessert is ready to give “fruit cake” a whole new meaning.

3. Boozy Watermelon Ice Pops

You had us at “boozy ice pops”—and since these adults-only treats look just like watermelon slices, they’ll be making an appearance at every one of our summer parties. Mix a splash of vodka into separate watermelon and kiwi mixtures to make these layered pops boozy all the way through. You can also add a few blueberries to the red layer to make these watermelon slices look like they have seeds buried inside!

4. Cheesecake-Filled Watermelon

This luscious cheesecake recipe looks so realistic, you might mistake it for a real watermelon! And you’d be partially right—we used a watermelon rind to make a cute crust for these cheesecake slices. To make it look even more lifelike, add pureed strawberries to make the filling pink, and sprinkle with chocolate chips for the watermelon “seeds.”

5. Donut Fruits

OK, these donuts don’t actually taste like watermelon, but they’re so cute that we just had to include them. Dip a glazed donut in a bowl of melted pink candy coating, then roll the edges through tiny green sprinkles to turn this breakfast treat into a tiny watermelon. We’re never going to look at a glazed donut again without craving this dessert!

6. Cute Watermelon Bombe

The only fruit you’ll find in a slice of this watermelon is fruit-flavor sherbet! Lime and pineapple sherbet make up the green and yellow rind, and raspberry sherbet is the bright pink watermelon center (with chocolate chips acting as the seeds, of course). It may not taste just like a watermelon, but this adorable frozen dessert certainly looks the part!

7. Watermelon Margarita Pops

This is definitely our favorite way to dress up plain watermelon slices. A drizzle of tequila and orange juice, a sprinkle of sugar and salt, and a few hours in the freezer are all it takes to turn ordinary watermelon into a margarita-inspired treat. We’re excited about having fruit for dessert when it comes in the form of these adorable boozy treats!

8. Dipped 4th of July Fruit Cones

It doesn’t have to be the 4th of July for you to enjoy these patriotic fruit cones—they taste just as good on any occasion! We love the super-cute watermelon stars filling these cones, but you could cut your fruit into different shapes to celebrate other holidays and occasions. As for the red, white, and blue, just swap in your favorite colors to serve this sweet fruit dessert on any other day of the year.

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